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  • Wed, Oct 4 2017 3:34 PM

    Slog3-Cine3 to LC709 with Symphony.

    We have Sony_S3C_Slog3-SG3.Cine ro LC-709 lut installed - which I believe is a 3D cube.

    Question is, as it is a cube - do I really have to remove it for grading? - or does symphony place it at the end of the pipeline to look up values for each channel to conversion @ 709? (we are currently in v. 8.2.11)

    We are using the CT applied for editors and rough cuts for obvious reasons.

    As far as I know there is no way of just toggling the LUT in v.8.2.11 without actually deleting the CT from source and then refreshing color adaptors in a master sequence (which is what I currently do) - I was wondering if there's really a need to delete the CT from the source files before grading, if it's applied after the color transform from Symphony tools - my logic is that I'm still just looking thru a LUT at 709 on my monitor, or do the Symphony tools actually use the 709 transform as the base for correction before going into 12 bit RGB? YUK.

    ie. is the LUT applied to the end of the stack - or at the beginning.

    I'm guessing for grading, those clever people at Avid would logically have it at the end of the stack, even though it's referred to as a 'source setting' - but I'm not sure at all what's happening.

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  • Thu, Oct 5 2017 6:34 AM In reply to

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    Re: Slog3-Cine3 to LC709 with Symphony.

    From what I understand if the LUT is applied as a source setting it is applied before any colour correction.  This means that any limiting caused by the LUT is locked in and cannot be recovered by the colour correction  However, using the LUT effect from the effects pallet, you can apply the LUT post correction on the timeline.

    I believe some people remove the LUT from source and just grade manually the ensure you can use the full range. Does anyone have any colour correction presets that emulate the LUTs as a start point?

    As a separate issue / question I have been given footage shot on an FS7 Slog3 which looks awful whatever I do to it!  Faces have purple hue and colours are not great.  Does Slog change the colour matrix at the same time as the luma curve and I have the wrong LUT or has the camererman screwed up using the wrong matrix? 

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  • Thu, Oct 5 2017 9:49 AM In reply to

    Re: Slog3-Cine3 to LC709 with Symphony.

    You need to know which Slog profile that was used in the camera - these are totally different colorspaces than REC709. It's not just luminance.... Check this link.

    as far as Slog looking bad in Composer - I have issues with transcoded material from FS7 that goes to 8bit codecs such as XDCAM. Banding and color artifacts all differ, eg. from AVC-i 10bit to XDCAM looks ok for banding - but SLOG.Cine3 to XDCAM has pronounced banding and I noticed a shift in the black too that I'm going to have to look into also. It all seems to depend on which part of MC does the transcoding from what - rendering or videomixdown to XDCAM does not look the same as transcoding to XDCAM via the ingest tool in the case of SLOG. I don't have specifics yet, but it seems as if there's a problem here on 8.2.11.

    I can fix it by working native, of course, or by transcoding to a 10bit format like JP2K or AVC-I - videomixdown of these to XDCAM does not produce the same banding artifacts as ingest from AMA does.

    There are several threads about this on here.

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  • Sun, Mar 18 2018 6:59 PM In reply to

    Re: Slog3-Cine3 to LC709 with Symphony.

    Hi! And them...which is the best method for edit slog-3 footage from fs7 in Avid Actually 2018.3. At this moment for me only works first, transcoded in Catalist Browser and them consolidate the ProRes files, only at 2K whit the free version of Catalyst. Any other option.... for work whit slog-3 at 4K....Resolve...? Thanks.

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  • Sun, Mar 18 2018 9:10 PM In reply to

    Re: Slog3-Cine3 to LC709 with Symphony.

    With my GH5 I found out the best LUT to start with is ARRI ALEXA LogC to 709.

    I am always transcoding clean. I mean with VLog-L without the LUT at source settings.

    Then the first thing I apply is the LUT and afterwards I make more corrections in Symphony.

    Always start with the LUT then anything else.

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  • Sun, Mar 18 2018 9:56 PM In reply to

    Re: Slog3-Cine3 to LC709 with Symphony.

    But I think, there are many diferences whit the AMA plugin, I use for XAVC Sony a nablet plugin for Sony, so the footage it´s not good when apply the plugin, appears a lot of pixels and banding, but when I viewing in Catalyst ( Sony software, the footage it´s correct, good exposition, etc... Thanks for your comments.

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