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  • Sat, Feb 25 2017 1:42 AM

    • keithkowal
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    sony cameras Ax100 vs Ax53 vs RX10 iii - 4k projects

    Which works best for 4k projects ?

    What you like or what is not great ...


    any suggestions ?

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    • gumbaedit
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    Re: sony cameras Ax100 vs Ax53 vs RX10 iii - 4k projects

    I've used the AX100 several times and it's a great camera, but it has it'slimitations/issues.

    First, it has a 1 inch sensor, so it's pretty good in low light.  It also has an amazing zoom and the stabilzation is very good.  The extra capacity batery will run for about 4 hours and you can stick a 512 gig card in it and film all day.  It will also record at 100m/bs, but you do have to have a card that is qualified for that git rate, other wise ti records at 60 m/bs.

    That's the good stuff.  Tha bad part is that it has somne of the worst sensor jeloo of any 4k camera out there, so it's going to smear when you pan.  Also, the last time I check, Avid will not see it natively.  That hasn't been an issue for me, becauee I usually put evcerything into resolve first for transcoding, editi in Avid, then recomnform to the originals in resolve.

    I can't speak to the AX53, as I've never used it.  It does have a much smaller sensor, but it has the advanced image stabilzation.  Avid won't see it's files natively, either.


    My suggestion, go to and rent them for a day or two and test.

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    Re: sony cameras Ax100 vs Ax53 vs RX10 iii - 4k projects

    this is a great response, which i really appreciate....!


    Is there a list of "native" formats for avid MC8.x inport ?   you mentioned that...


    What do you recommend as a high end consumer...(?) video camera ?   what do you like or use.?  like.. ?


    thanks again.


    good idea - to go and rent it first before i buy !   Smile




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    Re: sony cameras Ax100 vs Ax53 vs RX10 iii - 4k projects

    Have you considered this cam?  I have been able to link / consolidate the HD files from this camera.  Have not been able to try the updated UHD files yet.

    Totally agree on the rent before you buy suggestion.


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    Re: sony cameras Ax100 vs Ax53 vs RX10 iii - 4k projects

    The PXW X70 is the AX100 optical train but with XAVC-L for the CODEC (which links in MC just fine) as well as better audio support, 2 SD card slots instead of one, and some additional features. Also remember that the 4K option is a $500 upgrade.

    The AX100 uses XAVC-S, which is not supported natively by MC, but there is a paid AMA plug-in available (see the MC AMA plug-ins page) as well as a transcoder program called Convert V4 (which I use) which can re-wrap the media into something MC can link without transcoding and is incredibly fast. Convert V4 has a fully functional trial mode that can do the re-wrap (but you're limited to 2 clips at a time).

    I actually bought both the AX53 and AX100 so I could test them head-to-head. In the end, it really comes down to use. If I wanted to do a lot of hand-held daytime shots, I would have kept the AX53. The BOSS stabilizer works incredibly well. However, it has a number of drawbacks for any other use. The sensor is small and doesn't perform great in low light (though it was better than I expected). You can't use it on a tripod; the image actually becomes worse because you can't lock the BOSS down. And despite anything you may read about manual controls, it's really an automatic camera. While you can change the aperture, shutter speed and exposure, as soon as you change one the others all get set back to automatic. So setting the aperture and then changing the shutter speed will set the aperture back to auto.

    I returned the AX53 and kept the AX100. Most of my shooting is indoor with no additional lighting and on a tripod. The stabilzer (even with the active stabilizer turned on which uses Clear Image Zoom to give room around the edges of the image for movement) is only OK. Taking shots hand held at full zoom are going to be shaky (unless you're extremely steady). But you can change the settings to get the look you want, and low light performance is reasonable.

    One thing I hate about both the AX100 and AX53 is the proprietary hot shoe. Nothing fits on it but certain (expensive) Sony accessories unless you use an adapter. I ended up buying a wrap around frame that has a long cold shoe slot on top and threaded holes on the side, and added a Rhode video mic. with the Rycote suspension. It works much better for isolating the mic. than the holder on the PXW-70. I already own a powered XLR adapter so I have what I need for the type of work I do. Note that Sony does make a XLR adapter that fits the hot shoe, but adding that to the cost of the camera brings it up to the price range for the PXW-70 (and within $200 of it with the 4K upgrade when they have a sale).

    So the short of it is, if you have to shoot on the run, or at very long distance, and in the daytime or under bright lights, then the AX53 might be a good choice. Otherwise I'd look at the other cameras.

    And renting is always a good idea.

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