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  • Mon, Apr 11 2016 7:09 AM

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    Revisiting 15 year old project

    I'm going into a 15 year old project that I last opened on a Meridien Avid MC, I don't even remember what version it was.  I'm using MC 5.0.4 on a Mac Pro.  After doing a little research, I made a new project and dragged the bins over.  For some reason some of the bin names are not showing up in the Avid, specifically, I have a bin for each scene, named "Sc. 01", etc.  Some of the scene numbers aren't showing up at all, it's just "Sc".  But they open and the clips load, even the cuts load after they're updated.  So far so good.  

    Now I need to redigitize the media, BetaSP tapes.  They were originally digitized at AVR 4s (remember that?).  I want to bring them in at 1:1 at this point.  As I recall, that shouldn't be a problem, should it?  I just batch digitize and somewhere along the line I tell it 1:1... it's been so long, I've forgotten...  Any booby traps I should watch out for before I start?  THANKS!

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    Re: Revisiting 15 year old project

    The period (.) is probably causing the issue. If you have "Use Windows capatible filenames" under Settings > General, it MIGHT work, or it might only allow you to use periods going forward.

    But I would just suggest removing the periods anyay.

    And you are correct with batch digitize, as long as "Use the video compression logged for each clip" is unchecked uner Settings > Capture > Batch.

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    -- Kevin

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    Re: Revisiting 15 year old project

    somewhere along the line I tell it 1:1...
    You can set 1:1 in the Capture window. Also you can set your Projects Media Capture to 1:1 in your Media Creation Settings. 

    Are you still using MC 5.0.5 and Adrenaline? If so I would use the Adrenalines Component inputs (unless your Deck has SDI outputs in which case that would be the better option)   From memory Beta SP is no better than 3:1 so if you have a lot of media it MAY be worth using 3:1. 

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