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  • Fri, Jan 29 2016 3:22 PM

    Setting and find JobURI for GetJobStatus (written in C#)

    I'm having issues designating the specific Job URI I'm looking to check the status of.  When I make the new object, it only allow me to go to JobURIs, not the specific JobURI.  I'm wondering if I'm missing something.  I'm having a similar issue on the response as well.

    //Call variables from InterplaySetup Class

                    InterplaySetup transcodeInterplaySetup = new InterplaySetup();



                    //credentials come from InterplaySetup Class

                    //cts stands for "Check Transcode Status"; used for brevity

                    JobsPortTypeClient ctsPort = new JobsPortTypeClient();

                    UserCredentialsType ctsCreds = new UserCredentialsType();

                    ctsCreds.Username = transcodeInterplaySetup.interplayUsername;

                    ctsCreds.Password = transcodeInterplaySetup.interplayPassword;


                    //Set job parameters

                    //Job URI comes from Program class that was returned by Transcode class


    Here's where I'm having the issue.

                    GetJobStatusType ctsParam = new GetJobStatusType();

    ctsParam.JobURIs ????


                    //send request

                    GetJobStatusRequest ctsRequest = new GetJobStatusRequest();

                    ctsRequest.UserCredentials = ctsCreds;

                    ctsRequest.GetJobStatus = ctsParam;


                    //report response

                    SubmitJobUsingParametersResponseType ctsResponse = new SubmitJobUsingParametersResponseType();


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  • Mon, Feb 1 2016 3:50 PM In reply to

    Re: Setting and find JobURI for GetJobStatus (written in C#)

    As I dig in more, it appears that I can't call the JobURIListType Class.


    From my understanding, I should be able to write it like this to make a new object:


     GetJobStatusType statusParam = new GetJobStatusType();

                    statusParam.JobURIs = new JobURIListType[1];

                    statusParam.JobURIs.JobURIListType = new JobURIListType[1];


    Much like how it is in searches:

    param.SearchGroup.AttributeCondition = new AttributeConditionType[1];

                param.SearchGroup.AttributeCondition = new AttributeConditionType[1];


    But there is not GetJobStatusType available in the Web Service Reference.  I'm I missing something?


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