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  • Wed, Jan 14 2015 7:41 PM

    • Steve_V
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    Errcode: 4294965262 on Export

    Working at a busy post house with 3 shows and 7 Avid stations.  Could really use some help/guidance or how to correct or avoid this issue.  When attempting to export certain sequences, we received the following error message.

    Exception: Movie export from procedure FAILED!, errcode:4294965262

    We had previously run into something similar when certain files had CORE_CONSISTANCY_FAILURES that seemed to added on ingest.  In most cases, a re-ingest from a different source (GRAID backup instead of an OWC Mercury Extreme SSD with a SoundDevices Pix Caddy) seemed to do the trick.  In this instance it was no help.

    My next step was to perform a video mixdown and about 75% of the way through it failed.  I tried to re-start the mixdown from the point it failed at, but received this message: 



    The media created to this point may be unusable or incomplete.

    The strange part is that can play through this section without any issue.  Normally even one frame with a Core Consistancy Check Failure will stop playback and throw out an error message.  So what I'm left with is a clip that seemingly refuses to export, but acts just fine when playing down.  I'd like to solve this now as I know it will pop up again when we attempt to export the final show.

    Can anyone help me understand this error message better?  Or how to resvole and also potentially let me know if I can make a change to my workflow to avoid this?

    Currently we are importing straight from the OWC Mercury Extreme SSD with a SoundDevices Pix Caddy cards that were used during the shoot.  It's 29.97DF footage loaded into a 59.94 project in Avid MC7.  All contained on 1x 3TB volume of a Facilis Terrablock.  

  • Wed, Jan 14 2015 9:14 PM In reply to

    • Isaac T.
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    Re: Errcode: 4294965262 on Export

    CORE_CONSISTENCY_CHECK = you have a corrupt clip.

    The solution? Divide and conquer by halfsies:

    An excerpt:

    There are several variations in the wording of this error. They all point to some type of data corruption. The best way to find out exactly where the data is corrupt is to divide and conquer. Mark a large section of your timeline (say 50%) with IN/Out marks and play in to out. If it fails at the beginning then you can narrow down your In/Out marks accordingly.

    Wish there was an easier way.

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  • Wed, Jan 14 2015 9:46 PM In reply to

    • Steve_V
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    Re: Errcode: 4294965262 on Export

    Thanks so much for the quick reply.  I was hoping the error may specify whether it was a corruption within the clip or something that occurred during the ingest.

    I was really hoping it was something that I was doing, but at this juncture I tend to think you are correct and I will have to try and source a replacement for whatever I can't ingest using the rule of halfsies.

    Thanks again! 

  • Sun, May 12 2019 5:09 AM In reply to

    Re: Errcode: 4294965262 on Export

    Hi all, whenever mc7.05 sees a video frame drop out it yields a core consistency error that shuts down exporting timeline to say, DaVinci or at ref for sorrenson.


    Workaround for me is play timeline at normal speed and when drop out occurs you get the error message.  Cancel message and expand timeline to scrub frame by frame and you'll see the single frame black space drop out. Edit splice out that single frame of black ( the error message will appear on the black drop out) once that drop out us edited out the clip will render export fine. Drop outs occur from using consumer and sometimes or proconsumer cameras. Like my BM 4k broadcast B4 camera.  



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