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  • Sat, Aug 16 2014 3:55 PM

    Avid inner workings...

    How does Avid choose which order to consolidate clips in?  I have a sequence I wish to consolidate that crashes on clip 5 every time.  However clip 5 does not seem to correspond to the 5th clip in the timeline.  How does Avid choose where to start from?  

    This is partly a feature request as well - when Avid hits a problem clip in a transcode or consolidate it should throw up the name of the clip so it can be easily identified and removed.  Or even better, why can't Avid just skip the clip and move on to the next, then list the clips it couldn't consolidate at the end??  Divide and conquer is obviously the technique to use but it's a process which shouldn't have to happen.  When I get a crash and a link to the error log - that's useless to me.  That error log is not readable by a regular human.

    Avid - please make it easier to identify corrupt clips in the timeline!


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    Re: Avid inner workings...

    Have the console open during the operation. That sometimes reports more. But yes better control and handling is a must.

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    Re: Avid inner workings...

    How does Avid choose which order to consolidate clips in?
    My understanding is that the Consolidate process works on all the Media from one source (Tape) in timecode order then moves to another source. (Opinion based on how it used to work for Batch capture)

    FWIW before Batch Capturing I used to duplicate my sequence into a new bin. Decompose that sequence. Then use the Print Bin command. (Decompose Bin only showed Clip name, tapename, Start and end TC columns)
    This gave me the order Avid would look for my source tapes in during the batch capture as well as the start time for the first clip required from that tape. I batch captured from my locked sequence NOT the sequence I created for the decompose.

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