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  • Sun, Apr 13 2014 8:11 PM

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    Help for my Fast Track Pro

    Hi to everyone,

    there are some problems that afflicts my Fast Track Pro. The main big problem is that I need to restart my MacBook Pro (10.9.2) if I forgot to turn it on, because the system does not recognize it and even the software (Reason, Cubase or LogicPro and Mainstage) recognize it (even I kill the coreaudio from terminal and the switch it on, the device appear still not connected).
    If I turn on the the soundcard and the start my Mac, it's recognize but not into the System Preferences where display "device not connected". Anyway in this way I can use it as Output source (no as Inputs). Well, because of these problems, I use the interface only as output when I play live (using Mainstage). 

    Sometimes happens that the soundcard play as detuned by 1 step (playing E sounds as D), I don't know how; the Hz freq are 440, so nothing is changed, and I cannot change from 48KHz down to 44.1KHz or viceversa because the option is not available! I don't know what cause it, even if I noticed that it happens when I open Logic Pro 9. Rebooting the system twice (and not using Logic) the problem seems disappear.

    I tried to unistall and reinstall the drivers (1.9.4) but nothing is changed. The inputs aren't usable and still have outputs problems. Isn't a problem of USB on my Mac (because them work right) and I don't use a USB HUB to eliminate every problem related to it.

    Sometimes happen then, if I unplug the battery charger of Mac with the soundcard on, it stops to work correctly (the same problem occurred even if the Mac goes in stand-by mode... but not always).

    I ask you to help me, because more than a time I've problems on stage (I was forced to reboot everything, more than once) and I can't use another soundcard at the moment, to play live with my band. 

    The FastTrack Pro would still be a decent card, if drivers were treated more. The same problems (about recognition and Inputs/Outputs problems) happens with a Windows7 based PC. 
    I've updated the sound interface at the last firmware available on internet (I think it was from M-Audio) but form the control panel I get "firmware : n/a" :(

    Please help me, if someone have the same problems or have some suggestions.
    Many thanks!!

    MacBook Pro mid-2009
    2.66GHz, 8Gb DDR3 
    MacOSX 10.9.2
    Fast Track Pro 1.9.4 

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    Re: Help for my Fast Track Pro


    This is the forum for Avid film & video products.  You should post on the forum for Avid audio products:


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