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  • Mon, Feb 3 2014 2:00 PM

    ISISsystem visible in the network after disconnect

    Have a question. After disconnecting from AVID Isis Client Manager ISIS system still visible in the network and it's available to work with folders.What the solution without restarting the client's computer? ISIS 7000 4.5.0.Win7.MC 6.5

    ISIS still visible even after killing process IsisClientManager.exe in taskmanager.

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    Re: ISISsystem visible in the network after disconnect

    I see the same behavior here - ISIS 7000 v2.4, win7, MC, Interplay PAM 2.5.


    I haven't asked avid support about this yet, but I believe it has to do with windows caching login credentials. I also see the same behavior on windows file servers (SMB). The solution has always been a restart to flush credentials, though it might be scriptable with a .bat if you can find the cmd to purge credentials.


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    Re: ISISsystem visible in the network after disconnect

    We've seen that here as well, and believe it's due to UNC paths.  We determined that any Workspace the ISIS credentials allow a user to see, can still be seen even if dismounted by ISIS.  We created an ISIS user with limited access, and that prevented specific Workspaces from being visible.

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    Re: ISISsystem visible in the network after disconnect

    Thank you.This decision came to mind immediatelySmile.We сreated a user with "zero" rights to "reset" the connections.But may be there is another way ?

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    Re: ISISsystem visible in the network after disconnect

    This is actually normal behaviour. The computer browser service is running on the isis server and/or some or all of the clients. This service is used to create and update the list of servers/shares that are in the network.

    If for security reasons you prefer not to see the shares inside the network then just disable the computer browser service on all machines. This is part of edprep for clients and AFIAK also the ASDT utility for isis but I need to check.

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