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  • Fri, Dec 6 2013 10:43 PM

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    Hi everyone, I have a problem that I can't seem to solve on resolve roundtrips to avid with DPXes. First off, I am new to Resolve so bear with me if there is a simple solution to this. 

    I am working on an animated film and get 16 bit DPX shots suplied from compositing. My goal is to import them into Resolve, export into DNxHD proxy, rountrip to AVID, cut them into my edit, adjust edit, export AAF into resolve, relink to original DPX for final color pass (mostly for high quality screening purposes and reviews).

    The issue I am facing is that the final relink to the original DPX files won't work.

    I'll go through a step by step rundown of what I am currently doing (I am on the full version of Resolve 9.0):

    - I link up the folder with the files to the library and include the desired shots into the media pool. They are all hosted on our server.

    - I select the "Master timeline" and go to DELIVER. My settings are: 
       - Render ro: MXF
       - CODEC: MXF DNxHD 1080p 145/120/115 8 bit
       - Resolution: 1920x1080 (resolve project res is 2048x858 and so are the DPX)
       - Render timeline as: Individual source clips 
       - Data burn in preset: same as source
       - Preserve: 0 source directory levels
       - Use source filename selected
       - Render each clip with a unique filename: selected

    I export all my clips into the avid media folder, export the master timeline sequence AAF and import that into avid. All clips show up, no problem.

    I overcut my edit with the final shots and export the sequence out of avid with the "LINK TO MEDIA" setting.

    Back in Resolve, I go to CONFORM and import the AAF with the following setting:
       - Link to source camera files: selected 

    A menu pops up with the option to select my Master folder in resolve and I select it. Resolve now reconnects to the first 2 shots of the master sequence and keeps repeating these two shots for the rest of the sequence for all remaining shots. In other words, it does not reconnect to the correct shots represented in the cut.

    If I select: "automatically import source clips into media pool", it connects correctly to the MXF exports and the cut is correctly represented in the timeline. This is nice, but I need to connect to the original DPX. 

    I am sure there is a simple step I am missing but I am puzzled by this. If this question belongs to a different forum, please let me know and I post it there.












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  • Fri, Dec 6 2013 11:33 PM In reply to

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    I figured it out. I had to assign a reel ID in Resolve to the DPX. 

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