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  • Tue, Nov 12 2013 3:49 AM

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    Select Right to move clips using trim buttons in 5.5?

    I'm feeling very confused right now. Here is what I'm trying to do:

    I'm syncing a couple cameras and audio. As I go through and move stuff around, I'd like to "select right" the camera I'm sync'ing with the base camera so that future clips in the timeline are either closer to sync or right on (hopefully).

    So, I'm sitting on a clip, I hit select right, everything gets highlighted/selected (except what I have my in/out markers on where I'm looking at waveforms to sync together) and then I hit the "trim left/right 1 frame" button, but I just get a dinging/error sound.

    What am I doing wrong here that's giving me the bell? It will sometimes work, but more often not so much. I can click and drag the clips fine, but my work would be much faster if I could just hit select right, trim left 1, done.

    Hopefully this makes sense.

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    Re: Select Right to move clips using trim buttons in 5.5?

    I think that the 'dinging'  can only be when you are slipping a clip that does not have handles (ie full master clips under the play head and you are 'slipping' as you don't have the clips selected and are using < or > keys)

    (Or you have selected clips right but have deselected filler between?)

    Try and repeat the operation with no marks set and just the tracks you want to move enabled

    If still not working then post a screen grab (or maybe the console will tell you the error causing the dinging?)

    IMO select right is not much use until v6.5 when you add the alt key and thus don't select filler.

    Show marked waveforms has never been any use to me. Better to use the track based waveforms, but personally I get sync close without waveforms then use eye-blinks for perfect match to master camera.

    Camera audio (especially 5D) can be out of sync due to uncompensated processing latency and/or distance from sound source)

    linked selection can be your friend if shifting VandA also the smart tool if trimming





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