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  • Tue, Jan 24 2012 1:23 PM

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    Timeshift extend audio clip?

    After I apply Time Shift to an audio clip, it does a great job of slowing it down. But the clip doesn't actually get any longer in the timeline. So after the slow-down, it ends abruptly, and I can't figure out how to extend the clip in the timeline any longer. The original clip was only 3 seconds long, and the slower clip is still the same length (just with slower sound in it).

    How do I extend my clip? I cant trim it longer before applying the effect because you can only trim as long as the original clip is.

    thanks in advance


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  • Tue, Jan 24 2012 1:30 PM In reply to

    Re: Timeshift extend audio clip?

    Hi Helena,

    If the clip is 3 seconds before the slowdown, for the sake of this explanation, we'll say you want it to be 6 seconds.

    1. Lay the clip in for 6 seconds or longer to give you space to work with while adjusting the effect.

    2. Apply and adjust the effect as needed.

    3. When you've got it the way you want it, trim the end of the clip to remove any excess.

    Hope that helps.

    [edited to add] If the clip is no longer than 3 seconds, you'll have to do some work to make it longer in order to provide the space to work with the effect.  I'd probably add some filler audio at the end of the 3 second clip to make the full duration 10 seconds or so, then do an audio mixdown to make one clip out of it.


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