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    Load Extractions

    Chris Witt,
    Chris Witt Editorial, 323-383-7694,
    Avid Soft MC on 2.66 Mac Pro Quad / 8gb ram / OSX Snow Leopard


    To save time, I often lift or extract (z or x) a clip (I really think I'll not undo) without sub-clipping--because I don't sub-clip every lift or extraction I make. I also don't Option-X or C it into the source monitor every time because I don't want a dozen sub-clips of my sequence crowding the menu and making other clips I want at my fingertips drop off the menu. I also don't layer every edit decision I make because that makes for a very messy (FCP looking) timeline. I mean, come on, when it seems pretty certain I don't want a clip of an actor's cheesy cutaway in my sequence, I can be bold about yanking it out.

    But lo and behold, I'm only human and my director decides several edits down that we actually do want that extracted cutaway back after all--and if I apple+z a half-dozen times, I'm going to end up undoing a lot of edits I actually want to keep. And let's just face it, I'm lazy and don't want to go back and search the original clip or source sequence to find that 2 second cutaway all over again. 

    Yes I know, I need to be a better organized editor with a very tuned intuition of what my director actually wants... 

    BUT, what if, like the "load filler" option, there is another option in the source monitor menu called "load extractions" and this would load a sequence with a predetermined number of lifts and extractions. Kind of like a smart clipboard or undo that I can go right to one of the middle clips in the extraction sequence and edit that clip back into my timeline. This would keep my sub-clipping to only the clips I really want in my bin or source monitor and give me the ability to jump back a few edits without losing the edit decisions in-between.

    Thanks for listening, Avid!



    Chris Witt

    2013 MacPro 3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5. 32 GB Ram. OSX 10.9.5. BMD I/O. [view my complete system specs]
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