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    Re: Interplay Search Engine Frustrations

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    Naming Convention!

    This is truely the only way to maximize searching within Interplay. The Extended search inside of Access is great for Media Managers and searching the archive and or remote databases. But search results can improve even more with extended searching if you have a consisitant naming convention.

    Now realistically, the vast majority of clients are NOT doing extended searches in Access. Most of the time users are doing Simple Searching within Instinct, Assist and the Interplay Window (NC and MC). So if media captured consists of either a prefix, date, type or combination of all, you can always find what you need even in the event of mispellings based on the constants provided winthin the naming convention.

    Example Raw Material:

    Set up your Airspeeds inside of Capman or Interplay Capture to have a default name of ENG. If all records are label, ENG slug name, then in the event of incorrect slugging you can always search for just ENG (Time: Last 10 mins, Last hour, Last 24 hrs). Also if you search the Incoming media folder as compared top level searches of the entire databse, this will also reduce the amount of results.

    For file based downloading from places like PathFire or in my case CBS Newspath, we relabel when saving the file as NP slug name (NP for NewsPath). For Pathfire you could use PF slug name. Or you could have everything captured regaurdless of Edit station, Capture Manager, file based imports (Flip Factory), could be called RAW slug name. Now you can search for RAW (Time: Last 10 mins, Last hour, Last 24 hrs). Its up to you on how simple or complex you want your naming convention to be. Here's a more complicated naming for captures:

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    Format:   SOURCE SLUG TYPE DATE.1(Date Structure: YYMMDD) Date is done this way so you can sort by name and still be in order by date.

    Examples:             ENG HOUSE FIRE RAW 100721.1

                                    ENG HOUSE FIRE RAW 100721.2

    For Edited Sequences:

    Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Naming Convention: SLUG TYPE DATE SHOWTIME (Date Structure: YYMMDD)



    BOSTON FIRE PKG 090906 6P

    Whereas typing the above slugs will take longer at the onset, it will save considerable amounts of time in the following situations:

    - When searching for day of stories

    - When finding material to be archived

    - When looking for clips to restore from archive

    - When searching for stories in iNews











    TZ – TEASE


    Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Searching Interplay:

    In the end, by default you can still search for the slug name first, but when that does not work, the constants in the naming convetion will fix this problem. Of course, a more complicated name will provide more ways to search when the slug does not work.

    There are multiple ways to do a simple search with naming convention:

    Example Slug:       HOUSE FIRE PKG 110321 6P

    Simple Searching methods:

    Slug                                                        HOUSE FIRE

    Slug type                                               HOUSE FIRE PKG

    Slug type date                                      HOUSE FIRE PKG 110321 (Date: YY or YYMM or YYMMDD)

    Slug type date show time                 HOUSE FIRE PKG 110321 6P

    Type                                                       PKG

    Type date                                              PKG 110321 (Date: YY or YYMM or YYMMDD)

    Type date show time                         PKG 110321 6P

    Date                                                        110321 (Date: YYMM or MMDD or YYMMDD)

    Date show time                                   110321 6P  (Date: DD or MMDD or YYMMDD)

    Showtime                                             6P

    Trust me I could go on and on with this. You can apply multiple methods of logging for sports, which is another whole discussion for some other time. But I hope by now you get the general idea.

    Now some may argue, who's going to enter all that extra info.  Well, even data like DATE and SHOWTIMES can be entered in iNews using a combination of templates and keyboard macros, which is how we designed our system, so producers can click a macro that enters the date and showtime and leaves the cursor at the beginning of the name to enter the slug and type. Overall it is up to everyone from Producers, Editors, Photogs, and ENG operators to be on board with a namaning convention or else it will fail.

    When all said and done, yes Interplay does not have a "Did you Mean" function, and the searching is only as good as the info you put into it. Knowing this, just work with the product as it is designed. If you do so, the system will work for you. Honestly, there is no media in Interplay that I cannot find!

    I hope this helps!

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    Re: Interplay Search Engine Frustrations

    A simple approximate string matching data base engine would do the trick, aslo know as fuzzy string searching. At the end of the day it's a DB and it should pull up anything.


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    • SteveK
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    Re: Interplay Search Engine Frustrations

    A problem I had yesterday was searching for clips just sent to me from an adjacent IP director.

    A search in the last 10 minutes, or hour produced nothing.

    A search in the last 24 hours did!

    I supspect it is a BST (British summer time, GMT+1) and GMT problem.

    Where does interplay search get its time form? the server or computer?


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    • lawsonr
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    Re: Interplay Search Engine Frustrations

    The answer is, "it depends".

    Interplay Time Sync is very important, as you might imagine. There's a very thorough KnowledgeBase article about setting up good Interplay Time sync, located here:


    sorry if the link gets mangled. Just search the knowledgebase for Interplay + Time and it'll pop up.

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    --- Rob Lawson System Administrator, ACSR CBS News

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