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  • Thu, Aug 26 2010 10:11 AM

    Idea [I] Errors during transcode

    Hello Community,

    I hope you can help us.

    we have some problems during transcode. At the moment we have 2 different and strange error messages (screenshot attached).

    Transcode Error 01:
    Exception: DIDWriter::ExecuteInternal TIMEOUT - DIDWriter has detected upstream pipe stall...

    Transcode Error 02:
    CORE_CONSISTENCY_CHECK_FAILURE, className:SWDecodeCvtr, methodName:EcecuteRequest, mLastCodecError:36


    Our workflow:
    - We only ingest MPEG50, DNxHD 185 and DNxHD 120 (this resolutions will archive)
    - We transcode all material to MPEG2 MPL 352 (video) and MPEG1Layer2 (audio). These resolututions are our proxy formats (for working, befor restore). Its very important part of our workflow.

    Do we have any problems?

    - We have enought disk space on ISIS
    - We do not have bandwith problems
    - The masterclips which we want to transcode looks fine (without any breaks or errors during playing in Avid MC or Interplay Assist)

    System specks:
    - Interplay 2.1
    - 4x Transcode Provider
    - 1x Publish
    - 3x Archive Provider
    - 3x Restore Provider
    - Unity ISIS


    Thank you!


  • Mon, Aug 30 2010 5:57 PM In reply to

    Re: Errors during transcode

    We have almost an identical workflow and we've experience the Core_Consistency_Check_Errors at our facility.

    We found that they only occured from footage ingested via our Airspeeds. For some reason the Airspeeds were not writting the media properly. We could edit with it and we could even archive it, however when it came to making a low res proxy we were out of luck. Our solution to the problem was to either roll back our airspeed version or upgrade. The upgrade had already been planned for month so we happen to luck out that way and we haven't experience any issues since. I should mention that this only occured to 10 percent of clips ingested via our airspeeds, not all clips were affected.

    I would ask yourself if this Core_Consistency_Check_Error is happening to all your clips? I only found that is was the airspeeds after I dragged each clip that gave me an error and placed them into one folder, then I was able to see which traits these clips shared.

    Ultimately any clip that has the Core_Consistency_Check error will not be able to get proxied, no matter what you fix since it's a problem with the media itself and short of recapturing I don't believe you'll be able to proxy those clips.

    Hope this helps...

  • Wed, Sep 8 2010 12:00 PM In reply to

    Re: Errors during transcode

    Thank you for your answer!

    In our case, we do not have any problems with ingest via Airspeed. General transcoding problems occur with tapeless deliveries and by clips which was transcoded by FlipFactory.

    There are only 10% of all affected clips. If we have found a solution, I write it here.

    Thanks again

  • Tue, Dec 21 2010 10:56 PM In reply to

    Re: Errors during transcode

    I've got an update on the Core_Consistency_Check_Errors...

    We've been able to identify Core_Consistency_Check_Error clips prior to simply relying on Media Service errors. All of our Core_Consistency_Check_Errors (off of airspeeds) seem to generate during the last 30 frames of any masterclip. If you toggle to the end of a masterclip and don't find that error than it's save to transcode.

    Avid is currently researching our specific problem, however they have have given us a temporary workaround. If you subclip the masterclip to leave out the last 30 frames and then consolidate your subclip it should be safe to Transcode. We're not able to adapt that work around as the ingested clip is logged and used for our production needs even before the recording is finished. We'd lose all our metadata and sequences would not relink to the original masterclip as we'd end up deleting it once consolidated. Hopefully this work around works for you.

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