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  • Sat, Jul 31 2010 12:48 AM In reply to

    Re: NEW Apple MAC's announced today

    One would have figured they would have made it work with ATI before. Short of editing and sound I really don't know that much about computers so I really only hear about nVidia and ATI. Hopefully they can get their hands on them soon and fix whatever problem there seems to be.

    The only reason I said problems is due to a few people i know that built their own and had problems with ATI, switched to nVidia and boom... good to go.

    I think I'll play it safe and go for the Mac Pro before the 12 Core... no telling how long it may take to certify a system. Could be short and I rue the day I bought an older model, but i've used the MP 8-Core 2.66 and loved it.

    Thanks for the input though as it was something to think about.

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  • Sat, Jul 31 2010 12:52 AM In reply to

    Re: NEW Apple MAC's announced today

    Is nVidia upgrading their cards possibly the reason Apple listed specs only with ATI for now? Interesting... perhaps Apple doesn't want to supply a "dead" card so to speak that would be ultimately replaced.

    Thanks for the info NickB



    There is talk of new Nvidia (fermi) cards on the way soon.

    Difficult to believe Nvidia wont offer a card for these new MAC's also difficult to believe Avid will abandon the MACPRO + Avid have in the past qualified ATI cards on the MAC.

    I am sure it will all work out soon, and there may not even be a problem!


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    • NICKB
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    Re: NEW Apple MAC's announced today

    nVidia are working with Apple doing the drivers there is a new card called the Quadro 4000 it will be cheaper than current Quadro cards and is Fermi based for brilliant performance due to be released in October.

    However maybe Avid also need to do some work.


    Watch the interview with the nvidia chap (near the end of the film)

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    • mhamilton
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    Re: NEW Apple MAC's announced today

    Thanks for the tip re the Quadro card, Nick.

    I've been contemplating upgrading to a Mac Pro for some years now, but the more I read about the different choices, the more complicated it seems to become, so I'd appreciate some advice.

    I've been using a MacBook Pro (with 4GB RAM) for my editing for a few years now, and perhaps because I'm not doing 1:1 uncompressed and the like, it has worked well.

    But (and I've complained about this before) my second camera is an AVCHD-based Canon, and rewrapping and importing the AVCHD files into Avid is a NIGHTMARE in terms of the time it takes. (my main camera is a Sony EX-1, and these files get converted to mxf and are imported into Avid very quickly). 

    I always hoped that a bigger, faster Mac Pro would help out with regards to this AVCHD nonsense, and for rendering etc. I just think it would be a better machine for editing, all round. But which one?  There are four-cores, six-cores, eight-cores and 12-cores.  Some of the processors are Nehalem, others are Westmere (I think); some are 2.something in terms of processor speed, and others are 3.33.

    Obviously faster is better (you pay more of course), but is more cores necessarily better?
    Some of the posts that I've been reading on a Mac site (frequented, I suspect, by gamers, which is why I'd like to get some advice here on the Avid editing forum) say fewer cores would be better if the processor speed is faster.

    This would especially be true if an editing app can't benefit from more cores anyway.  So here's a question:  is it true, (I did a search and read this, but this was last year's information), that Avid doesn't support multi-threading?

    The post I found that said this did say that Avid is working on a 64-bit version.  Anyone know if this is years away, or sooner than that.  Whatever Mac Pro is get is going to have to last me four or five years at least, so I want to be future-proofed as much as I can be.

    To further complicate things (for me), many people say that adding RAM is more important than anything else — but a poster on this forum said a while ago that Avid can only use a maximum of 4GB RAM.  Is this true?  It seems a pretty small amount of RAM.  These gamers are wanting to add 24GB, if not more.  Is Avid likely to make whatever software changes are needed to allow for more RAM?

    From what I gather from Nick's post, I should definitely put the soon-to-be-released Quatro video card on my wish list. 
    But which Mac Pro should I be saving my money for?

    thanks for any advice, Malcolm

    P.S.  to come back to the question of AVCHD... if I have to continue to use this camera, would a 8-core or 12-core import AVCHD files faster than a 4 or 6-core?  Or does it all come down to processor speed, in which case a 4-core 3..33GHz machine would be as fast as a 12-core 3.33 GHz?

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