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  • Wed, Jul 14 2010 1:46 AM

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    8mm Sony Camcorder tapes hate avid

    Hi,  I'm new to the Avid forums and somewhat new to Avid.

    I'm trying to capture a wedding that's on a 8mm tape through a little Sony Digital8 Handycam (DCR- TRV460 NTSC).  The first time I tried, the head was dirty on the camera.  I could get audio and video captured, but both were stuttersome and messy. (Using Composer v4.04)

    I've since cleaned the head on the camera and tried again to capture.  The video looks good as new, but now I'm getting no audio into the computer at all.  The camera will play back the audio, but not avid.  Avid reads both the audio and video as 1394 generic device and I am transferring from the A/V port of the camera to the firewire port of the computer via a firewire.

    The question is how do I get that audio to capture?  I've messed with all the camera menu settings dealing with audio, but alas ... well ... you know.

    Thanks for reading this and thanks for any help on this. Smile
    - METOMUNC -  

  • Wed, Jul 14 2010 5:14 AM In reply to

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    Re: 8mm Sony Camcorder tapes hate avid

    Make sure both AVID & the cam have the same audio rate. Most of the consumer Sony cams default to 36(?)K audio, AVID my be looking for 48K.



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  • Wed, Jul 14 2010 4:04 PM In reply to

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    Re: 8mm Sony Camcorder tapes hate avid

    That sounds like good advice, however I must follow that with a stupid question:  Where do I find the audio rate in Avid (PC) or on the camera?

    I've changed things in Avid under settings for capture audio and nothing seems to be changing anything.
    Here's what I've got for AudioProject Settings:

    sample rate: 32 kHz
    Audio file format: PCM (MXF)
    Sample bit depth 16
    DV audio pattern: unlocked audio
    Convert rates: Always

    Host 1394

    Stereo -- mix to 1 and 2

           -HARDWARE- (can't change this stuff)
    Direct sound Audio & 1394 Audio
    peripherals: Avid OHCI
    sync: Automatic

    I've also gone through every setting on my camcorder.  The weird thing is that the audio will playback through the camera and that it was working at one time playing through the computer before I cleaned the heads on the camera.  No settings have been changed since then.  Do I need something other than a Firewire to transfer audio?

    Thanks for reading this. :)    

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