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  • Sat, Dec 6 2008 9:31 PM

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    OT-Stupidity Insurance

    Not that anyone knows or cares, but I got laid off a few weeks ago.  Our company has had some "challenges" and saw fit to get out of the production business.  So we, the vanquished, are taking over the business ourselves.  I've worked out a good deal with my former manager to have full use of the Adrenaline suite and all the other resources, so I think it will be good.

    My question is to the self employed or freelancers out there.  What sort of insurance do you carry?  I'm thinking that I need something to protect me if I damage/erase a valuable client resource.  It's never happened, yet, but I often handle irreplaceable footage and I'd hate to be responsible for it.

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    Re: OT-Stupidity Insurance

    What you're looking for is called an Errors and Omissions policy. If you do a web search for that term, you'll find lots of insurance companies that provide it.  Pretty much any company that has business insurance polocies will have an E&O policy. Make sure you read it carefully; an E&O for a doctor (otherwise called Malpractice insurance) won't cover a production house very well.

    Also, for the cheapest rates, have a documented business plan, copies of customer contracts, etc.

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    Re: OT-Stupidity Insurance

    Prices for the same coverage can vary by hundreds of dollars, so it pays to shop around. Ask your friends, check the Yellow Pages, and call your state insurance department for guidance. Contact insurance agents or companies for general pricing information. Select a few insurers for personalized quotes.

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    Re: OT-Stupidity Insurance

    What sort of insurance do you carry?  I'm thinking that I need something to protect me if I damage/erase a valuable client resource.


    I'm based in Vancouver, and for my biz i have L&D on my gear but my clients all carry production insurance - E&O will not ofer much cover for the kind of damage you are specluating about (E&O is to cover off the kind of work i am doing right now  removing movie posters in the BG of a scene after they could not be cleared).

    There's a list of insurance brokers familar with our biz, and in your backyard, listed in the ReelWest directory, call a few and get quotes, but likely you wil not need the coverage you are thinking of, as that's already carried by the producer's.

    That said.. if you blow up a irreplacable master the insurance company and the bonding agency will not be happy with you.. and that may effect your future options.

    Good luck!



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