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  • Sun, Sep 17 2006 10:32 AM

    Serial for TitleDeko Pro missing on the CD ROM sleeve of my Big Splash Bundle Software disk which was delivered with Avid Liquid Pro 7 I purchased couple of weeks ago.

    Dear Sirs,

    Thank you very much for the shipment of Avid Liquid Pro 7..

    But now there is a misunderstanding with installation of Big Splash Bundle software included to the purchase of Avid Liquid Pro 7.

    The Avid Liquid 7 Pro installation disk had serial on the CD ROM sleeve and was installed well, but there was another disk included, which is named Avid Liquid Big Splash Bundle, and that's where the problem occured.

    It contains 3 pieces of software:

    1. Title Deko Pro

    2. Hollywood FX Pro

    3. Magic Bullet Movie Looks

    On the CD sleeve there was just one serial label sticked only, and it was for Hollywood FX Pro. There was no serial for TitleDeko Pro on that CD sleeve nor anywhere else.

    When I was trying to open the Title Deko Pro after the installation, the following dialog box appeared:

    TitleDeko Pro

    Enter Your Serial Number

    Look for your serial number in one of the following locations:

    1)printed on the CD-ROM,

    2) on a label on the CD ROM sleeve

    3) on a label on the first page of the User's Guide.

    It will be in the format XXXXX-XXX-XXXXX-XXX.

    And the results of my searches:

    1) There is no serial number printed on the CD-ROM

    2) on a label on the CD ROM sleeve there is just a serial number for HFX

    5.5 Edition that is in form XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX, and there was no other serial numbers on that sleeve nor anywhere else.

    3) There was no User's Guide included for Title Deko Pro.

    Just 3 volumes of User Manuals were included:

    Avid Liquid PRO Installation

    Avid Liquid User Guide,Version 7

    Avid Liquid Reference Manual,Version 7.

    .........and there was no labels sticked on to any pages of those existing manuals.

    Obviously someone has forgotten to stick that label to my CD ROM sleeve and now I have been spending each free moment since delivery (2 weeks ago) to surf through the support pages in order to find contacts to people in charge, and it hasn't given any positive results.

    I have contacted (who actually delivered me the Avid Liquid Pro 7) several times, asking to send the missing serial, but they have refused, and they are just sending me their internet site addresses (the same sites I had checked several times before e-mailing my complaint), and a phone number instead. It would be totally useless to tell them the same on phone, because no one would certainly tell me the serial through the phone. They have sold me the Avid Liquid Pro 7 with that Big Splash Bundle included, and it should certainly be fully functional, but it isn't. So I think it would be their direct responsibility to correct the mistakes made without having chance to charge me for that phone call. Or isn't it? Maybe they were just forwarding the goods received from Avid, and if it is so, then maybe Avid could send me that missing serial or at least forward my complaint to the right person. hasn't done that either, so I'm continiously busy trying to find the right place to send the description of my problem to.

    I have even created the user account on Pinnacle Systems Discussion Forums in order to post my question there, but when I tried to post it, I got an answer:

    This is a protected Forum. You have no permissions to post to this Forum.

    I couldn't understand how could this forum be protected against registered users. Then who are having rights to post the items there? Are those writers just their own employees perhaps? Then it's just a fraud.

    So what would you suggest me to do now?

    I want to use the software included to my purchase, and I hope very much that someone would be able to send me the missing serial for TitleDeko Pro, and the mentioned User's Guide for TitleDeko Pro as well.

    Obviously those were forgotten to include to the package when my purchase was shipped. Maybe the label just dropped onto the floor when the worker was trying to place it onto that CD ROM sleeve, and now I have to fight and fight in order to explain to the supplier that I really do not have that serial.

    Or if it would be impossible to send serial for the CD delivered, then there wouldn't be any difficulties sending me another CD with that serial label sticked on it for TitleDeko Pro also. I can't believe that there is no one within Pinnacle Systems or Avid, who would care.

    I hope to hear from you very soon.

    And I hope very much that someone would answer that there is quick solution for that problem and I could start using the Avid Liquid Pro 7 in near future with all the functions enabled.

    With best wishes,

    Heiti Kesa

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    Re: Serial for TitleDeko Pro missing on the CD ROM sleeve of my Big Splash Bundle Software disk which was delivered with Avid Liquid Pro 7 I purchased couple of weeks ago.

    Triple posts in 10 minutes?
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    Re: Serial for TitleDeko Pro missing on the CD ROM sleeve of my Big Splash Bundle Software disk which was delivered with Avid Liquid Pro 7 I purchased couple of weeks ago.

    I have escalated this to Avid. Hopefully they will be able to get you a TDK Pro serial number.
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