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  • Thu, Sep 12 2019 11:45 PM

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    Nexis Client Software on Engine

    Recently, I renamed the workspace on our Nexis E4 that we use for AMA linked clips.  We don’t use AMA linking generally, and when we do, it is only temporary.  Everything is good with the computers that were logged out. When they logged in, the found the new workspace name. 

    What about the Nexis Client Manager that is running on the Interplay Engine itself?  It won't mount the new workspace.  I unmounted the old name, and it can't find the new name.  If I stop and restart the Nexis Client Manager, will that have a bad effect on the Engine ?  Basically, would that stop the system director, or is the system director always running as a service or something?

    Also, because this workspace is not mounted, I can’t create a media indexer to point to the newly-named workspace.   Thanks for your help and advice.

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    Re: Nexis Client Software on Engine

    On an Interplay engine you just need to have the Nexis client installed so it knows about the Avid filesystem and on the Nexis you need to give the NXN user full read/write access to all workspaces. It doesn't need to be running in the taskbar or have any workspaces mounted and Avid support told me that this is now the preferred setup. 

    That said, in general I leave the cient running and have the workspaces mounted as unc paths as the Nexis produces regular warnings about a connected client that has nothing mounted. Never seen that affect performance but it makes me go 'old skool' mounting the workspaces like you. But as a result you can restart the nexis client without any problem.

    Now if you also changed the SPAAF location you will have to go into Interplay administrator and in server hostname settings and change that there. 

    The renamed AMA files location will only have to be corrected on your media indexer NOMI master.

    (A system director is part of an ISIS/Nexis system and is not running on your interplay engine.)

    If you have existing AMA media on your Nexis you will probably have to do a full re-index in the media indexer web page of the renamed workspace to get the clips back online (update the aaf's in the SPAAF workspace) but I'm not sure about that. I have never tried renaming an AMA workspace.

    Good luck.

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