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  • Thu, Jan 31 2019 11:22 AM

    Delayed write failure for file Statistics on Nexis E2 and HP ZBook...

    I've just installed Nexis on a new ZBook G5 running MC2018.12 and although it seems to be working fine with this version, every time I make or close a bin I get a "delayed write failure for file "Statistics. 190129.165219". Errcode 0xc00000b5.".

    So obviously it's havng difficulty writing that statistics file to the folder on my project workspace.  I can see on the properties tab of that folder that it is permanently set to read only - I'm unable to change it to write but this is the same for all the folders in the project.  This is the only PC connected whilst all the others are macs running 2018.9.

    Do people think this is just because this version (2018.12) doesn't seem to have a supported version of the Nexis yet?

    Are there any other things I could look at to stop these errors occuring?  Like I say, I am eventually able to save bins and work normally, but it adds a sgnificant delay in to the process.  Any suggestions are welcome.



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  • Sun, Feb 3 2019 1:01 PM In reply to

    Re: Delayed write failure for file Statistics on Nexis E2 and HP ZBook...

    Try the following as a temporary solution. Right click your projects folder and de-select read only.

    It will probably show a progress bar unchecking read only for all sub folders.

    This should not make a difference but in my experience it sometimes does.

    If this doesn't work there is another simple thing you can do and that is to copy the statistics folder in the same location and then rename the original one or delete it from one of the clients that still works. If you try to delete the original you will probably receive an error that it can't delete one or more files because they are open in another application.

    This points to the real underlying problem which has to do with Nexis client loosing connection and an application like MC leaving a file open in a folder, in your case the statistics folder, which then blocks Nexis client from accessing that folder on that specific client when it reconnects.

    Why Avid can't fix this 'accessing and closing open files' in Nexis client I don't know. Support is 'diplomatically silent' about the known issues.

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