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  • Mon, Jan 28 2019 10:52 PM

    Add filler using In and Out points?


    I have several clips from a three camera shoot which need two effects.  Color Correction (IMAGE) has been applied, and I woudl like to put a Vignette (Sapphire Vignette_ on top of it.  


    When I try to add the vignette to a color corrected clip I get EFFECT DOEN NOT APPLY.   Fine, OK, I can only use one effect per clip and not chain them together, grrr.


    No problem, I'll just add a filler layer above the clip.  However, I would expect to be able to select a clip, mark an IN and OUT poins based on the selection, and drag the effevt on to the timeline.  Instead, I get a 5 minute layer of the Filler clip, erasing anything it sits on top of (on the same track).


    Is it possible to add a filler track ONLY to the length of the clip?




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    Re: Add filler using In and Out points?

    You can add multiple effects to a clip by "nesting" them. There are step-in and step out buttons that will allow you to do this.

    You can Load Filler into your source window, by clicking the clip name and choose load filler. Then put in and out points in your timeline select the track above your video track and overlay the filler.

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    Re: Add filler using In and Out points?

    When a clip has an effect on it, and you want to add another effect, just alt-drag the additional effect onto the clip. That will ‘nest’ the existing effect under the additional effect. You can use the Step In / Step out buttons to move through this ‘nst’. Or you can double-click on the effect and the nest will open up.

    Your other request, the ability to add an effect on filler between in and out, has been a feature request that was actually implemented in 2018.12.1, released today.

    Changed in Media Composer 2018.12.1:  The following changes have been made for this release.


    -  Change to Adding Effects to IN/OUT Points - With this release, if you add IN and OUT points, and then drag any effect to the Timeline between the IN and OUT points, the effect is  added between the IN and OUT points.

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    Re: Add filler using In and Out points?

    Is it possible to add a filler track ONLY to the length of the clip?

    If you're not intending to install 2018.12.1 (as per Job's suggestion) then the way to add an effect to a section of filler is to put an two 'Add Edits' on the filler track which covers the in and out points of the clip below. this divides up the filler and you can now apply your effect to just that section.

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