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  • Fri, Jul 26 2019 11:35 AM In reply to

    Re: Omfi media files won’t relink no matter what

    Hi, that means there will never be a soution for this bug?


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    Re: Omfi media files won’t relink no matter what

    For my last project I was asked to work with OMFI audio files. It was an episode of a movie series which had started with OMFI a few years years ago and had kept it this way ever since. The AE created the OMFIs with MC 8.9.3. Those files had no issues in the further process. At the same time I worked with MC 2018.12.5 (MacOS 10.14.3), media creation set to OMFI. But (fortunately) very soon I realized that any OMFI media that I had created became unaccessible as soon as it was moved from the original drive to any other drive. (My local drives, the AE's drives and the NEXIS at the post facility.) And that was irreversible. Copying it back to its original drive wouldn't bring it back online. Read/write-permissions had been checked thoroughly, databases rebuilt, databases drag-imported to bins etc. but all to no avail.

    Ultimately we kept the production sound as OMFI as the sound facility had asked for, but switched back to MXF for anything created inside MC.

    I never dug any deeper into this but it seems - and other threads insinuate that too - as if there might be an issue regarding OMFI and recent MC versions.

    As long as OMFI can not only be read but also be created in MC, it's not really a legacy format yet, is it?

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    Re: Omfi media files won’t relink no matter what

    Legacy as few use it anymore.

    I considr SD content legacy but have a client that still works in SD. To me its still a legacy format to them its just TV.

    But they find things harder as support for their workflows reduces.


    As mentioned OMFI folder locations are very specific so you can't move them around as you would MXF.

    And no I don't imagine it will get far on any list as a bug to fix. But the best way is to report it and see.

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    Re: Omfi media files won’t relink no matter what


    Thank you for your answers...

    How to remount this bug and have possible solutions.

    Why do we still have the possibility to use the OMFIs if we can not use them together?....



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    Re: Omfi media files won’t relink no matter what


    I would like to continue this thread because we have a similiar issue right now. We are getting MediaFiles from an external client on a daily base. They are working with OMF. I asked them why and the answer was: "Because we alwasy did".

    When we get the Files and the bins, the masterclips are all offline.

    We tried relinking in every possible way but there is no chance.

    The OMFI MediaFiles folder is getting scanned by avid, so there is no problem.

    When we drop the msmMMOB to the bin we get the masterclips, all linked to the original drive but we have no chance to link them to our drive. Even unlink doesn't work.

    Our client creates them on 2019.6 and we are working with 2019.7 and 2018.12.6.

    Even the MediaTool does not see the files even if they're scanned.

    After long talking we convinced them to work with MXF but for them we are the idiots at first.

    It would be nice, if this issue could be investigated, legacy or not, it's still an option to chose.



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