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  • Wed, Jan 2 2019 5:07 PM

    REC 709 Vs. REC 709 Full Range

    This may be an overall question on AVID but I'm trying to understand a little bit more about Color Space in AVID and how it works through displays.

    I'm currently working on AVID where most of my projects are a YCbCr 709 color space and I'm using an UltraStudio 4K System to display what i'm working on in an external monitor. I export my settings as a quicktime file, exporting the color space from "legal range to full range". 

    I recently discovered the "Display Color Space" option in the composer tab. I've been working on a legal color range in composer wheras my external monitor displays it at full range. After changing the composer settings to full range, it accurately matches my external monitor. 

    I also did a test export of my timeline on a legal range vs. full range. On playing both, they look pretty much the same. But upon looking through AVID, legal range shows a definite difference. 

    At my job, one of our editors exports as legal range, also working in a legal range color space. My question is, what would be a more accurate setting to get the best quality possible for broadcast on video and TV?



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  • Tue, Jan 8 2019 8:35 PM In reply to

    Re: REC 709 Vs. REC 709 Full Range

    TV requires legal range. Full-range is desinged for computer monitors.

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    -- Kevin

  • Wed, Jan 9 2019 8:31 PM In reply to

    Re: REC 709 Vs. REC 709 Full Range

    Kevin is correct, but of course everything depends on how you are working.

    If you're working in YcRb (YUV) project settings, and rendering using DnX or ProRes codecs (or any video-grade ones), then your export settings need to be to retanl video color levels or it will color-shift it on export.

    Also, if Quicktime conversion is employed (which will happen if non-sequence matching material converts) you could see color-shifting. We unfortunately have adopted ProRes as our house standard, so pretty much everything I do gets a video mixdown before output to ensure there are no shifts. I then export same-as-source.

    Hope this helps,


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