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    Re: Time to move off Windows?

    In running through the list of options you can control with O&O Shutup10 it becomes clear why Windows 10 has come so far. Yes many settings may be intrusive but many are also important to getting the best from you OS. So it does take some care in selecting the settings that you want to disable and leaving those that make an advantage.

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    Re: Time to move off Windows?

    Why not just turn off windows updates? Or disconnect the machine from the internet and use a seperate laptop with a shared folder to download and share internet related programs?  I come from a background of always having offline machines for your editing workstation, you will not find internet connections on the editing workstations of most large post houses. 

    From personal experience I love Windows 10, it's the best OS they've ever made.  I find OS X far less stable for running MC.

    I'd also suggest that if your machine specs are correct, that you have a fairly underpowered machine and this may be contributing to your performance issues.   Have you checked your system against the recommended system requirements doc?

    I would definitely like to see MC make more use of the GPU though, I defiitely feel like scrubbing through footage on Resolve is smoother and more responsive than MC on the same system.  


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    Re: Time to move off Windows?

    Hello Neil,

    On Windows 7 which was pretty good with a HP Z800 Pro Tools 12.7 and previous would hang on startup of the software at MIDI for about 10 mins. Could never work it out, when using a Focusrite 2i2 and others interfaces even Avid's own interface certifed! On Windows 8 that issue was magically fixed! Da Vinci Resolve 15 is only certified and tested for Windows 10.

    Constant hangs in Pro Tools and Media Composer, lagging on the UI and audio meters. And some random unexpect quit messages. Tested on a clean install of 10 with Pro Tools only and was frustrating. To compound this having to activate licesnes and software needing a connection then no wat of tuneing off the Windows 10 updates. Totally fedup of the junk and rubbish on the computer for Windows.

    I installed Hackintosh legit bought SIERRA and installed onto the same hardware computer all the softare is like a brand new machine all those issues have vanished! With testing no isusues what soever! So try Hackintosh OSX Sierra and I am sure all of the issues will vanish and it'll just work.

    Hope that helps!




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