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  • Wed, Dec 19 2018 7:03 PM

    Finishing 23.98 for Broadcast. How to deal with 29.97 and 59.94 clips?

    Hi all, 


    I'm working on a project that is delivering to a broadcaster with a final framerate of 23.98. A majority of our footage is in 23.98. Some footage also exists in 29.97, 59.94 and some strange gopros that are reading as 42 fps. 

    What is the best way to ingest this footage for editing? What will we have to do for onlining to deliver the full master as 23.98? 

    So far, I've been AMA linking footage and transcoding it while keeping the source's framerate. Will there be issues when we export a final master to 23.98? 

    Will there be duplicate frames? Or blended frames? Or is this the correct workflow to pass our color, mix and QC? 

    We are planning to do color in resolve. 


  • Fri, Dec 21 2018 8:30 PM In reply to

    Re: Finishing 23.98 for Broadcast. How to deal with 29.97 and 59.94 clips?

    If you do a video mixdown at the end and export, you will get a clean 23.98 file that should be fine.

    The footage with temporal adapters (speed changes) will be doing SOMETHING to play at the right frame rate. You may need to experiment for best results.

    If it's B-roll, you might find that changing the 30 fps stuff to 23.98 (in the clips' Source Setting > Playback Rate) looks smoother, but it will be a bit slow-mo. Again, you'd probably have to decide what looks best.

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    -- Kevin

  • Wed, Jan 9 2019 8:55 PM In reply to

    Re: Finishing 23.98 for Broadcast. How to deal with 29.97 and 59.94 clips?

    I ALWAYS work with the source frame rates -- that way I can modify the rate interpolation if there are any issues in the sequence. You may need the Symphony version to enable the better features. Like Kevin said, optimize how they look in your 23.98 sequence.

    Will there be duplicate frames? Or blended frames?

    This depends on the files, meaning if they are not interlaced, you'll get frame-dropping (speed up) to make it play correctly in 23.98 -- so no duplicate frames here. If the 59.94 has pulldown, it's best to use the 2:3 removal to make it 23.98 (again, I think you need the Symphony option), if it's progressive 59.94, it'll just speed it up. How it interpolates by default depends on your settings, but, yes, you could be instating blending, which may or may not look good.

    Export your AAF to Resolve, and have your colorist link to the originals -- not the transcoded -- files. Have the colorist render out abridged clips staying true to those differing rates. AMA link to those new renders, and relink those to a copied version of your pre-Resolve sequence. To insure no color-shifting, video mix it down after it's rendered (make sure the timeline quality switch is correct). Then export same-as-source.

    Hope that helps,


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