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  • Sat, Dec 8 2018 10:23 AM

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    Grouping or Multicam 4K rushes with HD Rushes

    Hi All,

    I'm about to start an 1080/25p documentary project.

    Our main interview 'A' camera will be shooting 4K and our 'B' cam will shoot HD.

    Worked well on our last project as we were able to 'punch in' on the 4K shots for CUs. 

    At the offline stage we just ingested everything, including the 4K material, into an 1080/25p project. This worked flawlessly but the resizes of the 4K rushes looked terrible, of course, because they were DNx36. And it's the image quality of the 'punch ins' at the offline stage that I'm hoping to improve this time around.

    So this time I thought I'd try ingesting the 4K rushes into a 4K project and then opening those bins in the main 1080/25p project and working with them that way. (probably at LB or maybe SQ quality)

    I did a quick test before leaving work yesterday and it seems to work the way you would expect. I have timeline access to the 4K clips Frameflex settings, so I can punch in as I expected and at first glance it appears better quality.

    However, before I commit to ingesting 20+hrs of 4K footage though, I wondered if anyone has experience of grouping or multicam'ing mixed format/resolution rushes this way? 

    In other words 4K rushes ingested into 4K project, then opened in an HD project and then Grouped or Multicamed with 'B' cam 1080p DNx36 rushes.

    I'll be doing some tests on Monday but I thought I'd see if anyone had experience of doing this on a longform project over several months and whether they'd run into any performance issues, online conform issues etc.

    I don't even know if there is an image quality benefit in doing it this way but it's worth a try.

    Thanks all


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    Re: Grouping or Multicam 4K rushes with HD Rushes


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