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  • Fri, Aug 17 2018 12:17 PM In reply to

    Re: Media Composer 2018.8 Released 8/13/18

    Thanks for the clear elaboration. I would, as it is comprehensive, include the above text in the MC <-> Interplay/Mediacentral compatibilty matrix pdf.

    My question however relates to the new

    - MC|PM 2018.6 —> MC|PI server 2018.6
    methology compared to the previous
    - IP 3.6-2017.2 —> MI server 2017.2.1
    , specifically your
    *note aside. Should any bugs or issues be identified on MI server 2017.2.1, MC|PI 2018.6 could be used to connect to earlier Interplay backends (3.6-2018.6).

    As of MC 2018.5.1 will the new methology be:

    MC>2018.5 + MI>2018.6  with as usual over time growing compatibility matrix -> IP 3.6-2017.2 + MI server 2017.2.1 fixed compatibility? In other words should the 

    - IP 3.6-2017.2 —> MI server 2017.2.1

    rule be considered fixed while client compatibility keeps evolving? 

    It would be nice to learn how this will also progress in the future MC|PM -> MC|PI releases but that violates 'the laws of nAvidture'

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  • Sun, Aug 26 2018 10:55 AM In reply to

    Re: Media Composer 2018.8 Released 8/13/18

    Did take a longer than usual time to install.

    Hi Marianna, John,

    I have just come across an install issue as well, not sure if its the same as yours John.

    I'm in the process of upgrading 10 HP z4 Win 10 1803 MC 2018.5 systems to 2018.8 and the installer is not able to perform the upgrade correctly.

    The first difference with previous upgrades is with Microsoft Visual CC++ 2017 redistributable package x86. This install causes an immediate restart of windows after the install finishes. The install resumes after the restart so this could be by 'microsoft' design.

    When it completes the install, when looking inside windows programs and features it reports that 2018.8 is installed but...

    Double clicking the shortcut on the desktop causes the media composer setup process to start again as it detects it is missing components (can't say which). After it completes the splashscreen opens and... 2018,5 is started. Restarting the install has no effect and does not start an update or repair... the shortcut on the desktop keeps starting 2018.5.

    The only way around this is to uninstall 2018.5 manually and install 2018.8.

    But now comes the interesting part. The same installer with the same version of windows updates normally on a HP z440. So is this another case of windows 10 and secure boot causing problems, or something else...?

    Unrelated to this thread but as the cause might be related I'm bringing it up. The HP z4 workstations are also showing issues with Aja cards. During boot sometimes windows on some workstations will block the Aja cards from being detected in the device manager. Changing the pci slot speed and secure boot feature to 'legacy only' or doing a tpm firmware update can temporaryly fix it but on some systems the issue keeps returning. It seems not hardware related as the systems work 100% if the card is detected normally.

    Without any technical proof or test results, just a feeling, I get the impression that there is an inconsistent or even buggy security feature that only shows itself on the newest HP workstations.

    The windows 10 pro for workstation version on a HP z4 g4 delivered 2 weeks ago, compared to the same machine delivered 4 months ago clearly shows different features, like for example a new power scheme. HP obviously is following the update cycle of windows and keeps introducing and tweaking features inside new releases of windows like the 1709 or 1803 version.

    This creates a whole new dynamic to the compatibility and troubleshooting issues and I would like to ask Avid if they can check with there Microsoft (azure) partner and HP if their development roadmaps require Avid, Blackmagic (which hasn't shown any issues on the same HP Z4 workstations until now), Aja to restructure their testing and compatibility schemes?

    We all know the risks that come with Windows updates, but is the Apple 'we update whatever we want whenever we want' on a new machine now also making its way into the HP, Dell, IBM windows world?

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  • Sun, Aug 26 2018 2:56 PM In reply to

    Re: Media Composer 2018.8 Released 8/13/18

    The installer has the same issue on a Windows 7 64 setup. So the reason it can't update correctly is not an issue of the OS.

    Most of the MC/NC, Interplay, Nexis, ISIS, Unity stuff. [view my complete system specs]

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  • Mon, Aug 27 2018 10:01 AM In reply to

    • TVJohn
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    Re: Media Composer 2018.8 Released 8/13/18

    I usually update the Avid application manager first and do not leave more than 2 versions in the downloads folder. I did not watch carefully the install process as usually it is quick taking less than 4 minutes. This time around 10. The .8 MC appears to be operating as expected, although I have not thrashed all processes.

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    Re: Media Composer 2018.8 Released 8/13/18

    bug report for 2018.8.  Win 10, 23.98 UHD project.

    If I subcap everything, and I delete those renders and re-render later on.  I do get some jumpy/glitchy subcaps.


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  • Thu, Sep 13 2018 1:28 PM In reply to

    • Tracecrete
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    Re: Media Composer 2018.8 Released 8/13/18

    Am finding 2018.8 locks up and crashes frequently esp with AMA FS7 media - also audio meters do not display audio unless the audio mixer window is open. Am going to go back to 2018.5 which seems a lot more stable.

    Any news on possible fixes/updates?


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    Mac Pro (late 2013)

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