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  • Mon, Apr 16 2018 8:33 AM

    4k Monitor help

    Hi,  I’m in the process of setting up my own Avid Media Composer Editing suite and have a few questions re monitors:
    Im keen on using 3 x ASUS PB287Q, 28’’ 4K monitors. 2 for Avid and 1 as a half decent broadcast monitor. Is this possible? Does Avid scale to 4K? Would my HP Z440 be able to run these? How would I connect these up and would I need extra hardware?
    Any help/advice would be hugely welcome. Thanks Craig
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    • Mark
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    Re: 4k Monitor help

    Take a look at this document: 

    System Recommendations for Feature Performance 

    Hope it helps,



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    Re: 4k Monitor help


    I'm going to invest in a 4K monitor for video editing and am wondering how you find the ASUS monitors. Are you happy with their performance?



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    Re: 4k Monitor help

    Im keen on using 3 x ASUS PB287Q, 28’’ 4K monitors. 2 for Avid and 1 as a half decent broadcast monitor. Is this possible? Does Avid scale to 4K? Would my HP Z440 be able to run these? How would I connect these up and would I need extra hardware?


    Avid does scale to 4K monitors (aka high DPI monitors). I forgot which version they added it. Might be 2018+.

    If you can run 4K as a computer monitor all depends on your GPU. With 5GB of VRAM, it should be fine.

    For broadcast monitor, I'm not sure if your GPU can run 3 4K monitors at the same time. Also, it can be tricky having 3 computer monitors running with Avid. If you really want a broadcast monitor, you need a breakout box (AJA, BM, etc.) and feed it HDMI.




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    Re: 4k Monitor help


    I have been looking for client/broadcast monitor that is properly calibrated.  They are all $$$ - like the flanders (2,000.00)

    etc.  I am using a BM intensity pro - going into a normal 32" but this is far from a cliabrated monitor.  So I came upon this

    BENQ PV270 Video Post Productio Monitor 27" 16:9 IPS $899.00.  However it is only 2560 x1440  but that is fine by me -  check the specs on it.  I also saw it NAB - for the price it comes close and it is technicolor certified - (not sure exactly waht that means) covers sRGB and 709 plus adobe RGB.  Only has HDMI but for now that will be ok - big differenee between 900 and 2,000.  Most broadcast calibrated monitors are 2K and up with all the bells and whistles


    so I am leaning towards this monitor


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    Re: 4k Monitor help

    While I'm not using 4K monitors, I have a few of suites that are using computer monitors as 'client monitors'. 

    The basic build is 2x monitors off the NVidia GPU and 1x HDMI off the Blackmagic Mini Monitor PCIe card. 

    The caveats I've found so far are:

    - The BMD Mini Monitor is digital only - no analog audio output.

    - Many computer monitors won't deal with a refresh rate less than 50Hz.

    These are both reasonably easily solved...

    For the audio you can either get an HDMI audio extractor, or take an audio output from the monitor if it has one.

    For the refresh rate issue - I think most (all?) Blackmagic cards will support converting progressive outputs to PsF which will send a psuedo interlaced signal with a higer refresh rate to the monitor. Or you can switch the Avid project to an interlaced mode. The latter option is generally okay, but may cause some issues with exports and renders later. You can fairly easily switch back and forth if need be.


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