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  • Fri, Mar 16 2018 1:16 PM

    Shared Storage Options (AVID Nexis Pro,Promax) and off-site backups


    Currently we edit off of direct attached SAS Raids and a few esata and USB3.0 raids. One of our goals is to improve our backup strategy by implementing off-site storage. We currently do this with LTO 6 tape but that is more of an archive solution. So the idea would be to get away from direct attached storage and move to shared storage so all the data will be essentially in one place. From there backup data to exsiting raids for on-site back-ups, sync a few projects to cloud backup, sync the server to an off-site NAS and then use the LTO 6 tapes for backup.

    After ruling out a lot of options that would fit out budget we are down to two solutions

    1. AVID Nexis Pro

    2. Promax Online 1000 workflow server

    We primarily edit off AVID Media Composer and use Symphony for color grading as well as Davinci. Sometimes we will use Premire Pro. Our two workstations are PC windows 7 professional...we might upgrade to windows 10 soon.


    1. Knowing that we use AVID Media Compoaser, the AVID Nexis Pro seems make sense. The price is good but I can't seem to find any relaible infomration about backing it up off-site. Has anyone synced the Nexis pro to an off-site NAS or cloud backup using third party software? Is there a solution out there to do this with the Nexis Pro?
    2. Promax is offering a very defined workflow that they say works great with AVID. This solution really organize out media which I really like. I like that I can attached any type fo storage to their server and use it as more network storage including our LTo 6 tape drive. This is a little more expensive that the Nexis Pro but we would gain a whole lot more funtionality than basic shared storage. Has anyone used AVID Media Composer with the Promax server? Was there any performance issues? How well did AVID Bin locking work on the Promax?

    Thank you to all who respond to this.





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    Re: Shared Storage Options (AVID Nexis Pro,Promax) and off-site backups

    I'll chime in on this because I've used several non Avid storage solutions but not Promax. I do however use a promax solution for my backups. I went from Unity in the past to two different "Avid friendly" shared storage solutions and then back to Avid. I now use Nexis for all Avid storage. I'm not just saying this because this is an Avid forum. I will never go back to a non Avid shared storage solution. Now that Avid is cost competive with other vendors I think anyone would be crazy to move away from Avid storage. The other two products, which will remain nameless, were expensive and terrible. The avid sharing part just didn't work as it should have. Our edit suites went down twice a year with those other products. Twice a year is a big deal for us and that was only about two hours each time. Very angry producer and director.


    Regarding offsite storage we use Iron Mountain for offsite LTO storage. At this time I feel there is simply too much data to move over the internet. I use a promax raid connected to a media composer client for nightly nearline backups connected via 10Gb for quick rebuilds should anything happen to the nexis. We've had our Nexis system for two years now and zero downtime so I have not needed the backups yet.


    Hope this helps a little.

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    Re: Shared Storage Options (AVID Nexis Pro,Promax) and off-site backups

    Thanks Cable. Yes this does help. The AVID Nexis Pro is number one on my list simply because it is affordable and works excellent with AVID. It just does not provide all the bells and whistles that ProMax offers like media mangement and backup metadata which they offer an excellent product. I was thinking about having one PC that is dedicated to syncing data from the AVID Nexis Pro to an off-site NAS. The first step would be to have the NAS at the office until all the data is copied over. Then once it is all dupliated, move the NAS off-site and then find software that will sycn the data to the NAS as a mirror one to one copy over the interent for off-site backup. I may only do this for the main projects and not the entire server. First I need to find this software. Thanks for your help with this. It sounds like I can't go wrong with the AVID Nexis Pro video server.


    All the best!

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