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  • Fri, Feb 9 2018 5:54 PM

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    Settings not saving and other weird bugs

    I am presently running Avid Media Composer 8.8.1, but I should note that the following problems have occured on different workstations (all avid configuration approved), running different versions of media composer 8 (including the most current version), and also with different user settings. My user settings are stored locally on the internal drive and not shared across other systems. 

    The first problem is simple to explain- my user settings don't always save. In fact, they almost never do. When I moved from Color Correction Mode back to Source/Record editing mode the windows don't move back to the saved position, forcing me to use a different key binding for a saved workspace instead. If I change the settings on my grid to include title safe, the next time I open Avid that setting is reset. The same goes for new keybindings, etc.  

    Another, much stranger issue, which has persisted since MC 7, in every version: When I open my audio mixer tool, if I use the mouse to click on the meter level, to move it up or down, *occassionally* this will bug out the entire bin. By that, I mean that after clicking on the meter level, Avid will refuse to respond to any key commands and will not allow me to play back the sequence. It plays a single frame and then stops. No keyboard commands function after this. Not ctrl S for save, not playback, not mode changes- nothing. The keyboard works fine on Windows related things and in other programs.

    Bizarrly, you can use the mouse to 'File- Save' the bin, then close the bin, then reopen the bin. And suddenly everything is back to normal. This does not occur 100% of the time. I'd peg it at about 1 in 20 or so times. But it happens enough over the years and through versions to cause me to become increasingly frustrated. I have rebuilt my settings from scratch several times over the years to try and stop this from occuring. But the bug contnues unabated. I have also attemtped to blow away MC state, site settings etc. It never fixes the issue. 

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    Re: Settings not saving and other weird bugs

    One thing I have found helpful with window configurations is to duplicate the stock settings and give the dupes new names (I add 01, 02, etc in the front) and use those as the starting point for my personal settings.  I then map these.  That has solved many issues for me on that one front.

    I can not comment on the mixer issue.


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