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  • Wed, Jan 31 2018 4:39 PM

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    Avid Color Correction - possible to mask out part of image?



    I've got some material shot on Sony SLog2, and am applying colour correction which for the most part is working well. However, I have one interview in which there's a lit lamp defocused in the background.  Applying the usual gain to brighten up the picture works a treat except for the lamp which peaks out and dominates the image.  If this were an effect I was applying I'd just mask that portion of the image off with a paint effect but can't find a way to do that, and I also can't seem find any settings within the colour correction which will allow me to brighten up everything but the lamp!


    Any ideas?



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    Re: Avid Color Correction - possible to mask out part of image?

    Unfortunately no power windows in MC. But nesting with Animatte is your friend.

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    Re: Avid Color Correction - possible to mask out part of image?

    There are a number of ways this can be achieved in Avid, in the absence of any Resolve-like power windows.

    1) As Job has already mentioned, you can duplicate the graded shot on the timeline (alt-C to copy to the source viewer) and place it directly above on a higher video track. Re-grade to suite the lamp and then apply an animatte effect on top of the CC effect. Draw a soft-edged matte around the lamp to bring back the original grade on the lower track. For a moving source, track the animatte effect.


    2) If you have the Symphony option, you'll have more grading controls at your disposal, including a secondary colour correction tab. Using this tab, you may be able to select just the lamp using the 'syringe' and use the luminance slider on the Output Vector controls to adjust the brightness.


    3) The Avid Paint tool can do more than just paint. Once you've selected the area you want to treat (using any of the drawing tools) you can then choose a different Mode, rather than the default 'solid'. Using the Mode hamburger menu, select the 'Color Adjust' mode (near the bottom of the list). Twirling open the Mode will reveal sliders for brightness and contrast (as well as hue and saturation) with which you can now adjust your image. Feather and track your selection to suite.

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