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  • Fri, Mar 24 2017 3:49 PM

    LUTS with Interplay

    If I load a LUT onto a Clip using Source Settings, does that specific LUT need to be loaded on to each machine?  In my test, it seems to be so.  Is there a better way, especially since we have a bunch of LUTS, and some users do not know how to work with Log Footage.  It would be great if the LUT was applied to the Clip so anyone searching Interplay gets the proper look. I could do a Video Mixdown, but would prefer not doing that.



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    Re: LUTS with Interplay

    Good one.

    Have you tried what happens if you create a synced project?

    This should work in the a classic shared project without interplay so I would expect it work in a synced project as well.


    If you are not familiar with synced interplay projects, here is a copy paste out of the media composer 7 documentation.

    Interplay Synced Projects Interplay Synced Projects provide you with a way to link your bins and projects in Media Composer or NewsCutter with the folder structure for assets stored in your Avid Interplay database. When you make changes in your project, the changes are saved to Interplay. Other users can work on the same synced project and update their bins and folders by updating them from Interplay. With the synced bins and media asset folders updated, you can easily collaborate on projects with other users, adding bins and editing media that you can sync through Interplay. When you share a synced project with a user or a group of users, they can access the same synced bins and media you set up for your project. A synced project consists of an Avid editing project on your local machine and an Interplay synced project, which consists of a folder hierarchy matching folders and bins in your local project. By default, you create a local project in a folder on your local machine called Avid Synced Projects, which is in the same folder as your Avid Shared Projects. Interplay synced project are created in a root-level folder called Synced Projects. As you create local projects, folders, and bins, you also create corresponding Interplay folders.

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