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  • Thu, Mar 16 2017 3:51 PM

    Source Browser needs serious work and fast

    Forgetting the other topic of Wacom pen interaction esp. within the Source Browser, I for one do not like the "Automagic" file-type approach for AMA-style linking.  One needs to be able to filter files by type, and if the machine is so d#$n picky about what folder one selects for it to 'understand' what file type to digest, then the entire Production industry needs to standardize exactly and consistently how they deliver camera files.  The latter scenario will never, ever change, only get worse.


    You know what's great about Premiere, or even Resolve?????  You select a folder, ANY folder, and it dives in and figures out what's viable within.  You know what stinks about MC?????  You flat out cannot do that, and have to trudge through everything -- folder, by folder to figure out which is the correct folder to select, or which is the folder it doesn't like.


    Every single project, we get footage folders from shoots from multiple different cameras.  How they get organized by these crews changes daily.  This doing away with the ability to tell the machine what to look for is severally detrimental if the system is too inflexible with folder selection.


    Do I wanna edit in anything BUT MC?????  F7#K NO!!!!  But either please restore the ability to tell it what to look for, or God, please, make it more accomodating to people's poor DIT work.


    --> End rant #2,660


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    Re: Source Browser needs serious work and fast

    Couldn't agree more! While I love the Source Browser; Avid needs to bring back the option to filter Link plugins, containers or codecs.

    I keep expecting Bowie to show up in the labyrinth of drives or directories.

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