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  • Tue, Nov 8 2016 5:54 PM

    • omsupport
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    Assets vanish after moving

    This is most strange and any help would be appreciated. One of our customers is using this workflow (with Interplay 2.7.6 and WS 2.7.5):

    1. Using Interplay Access, user removes the reservation that is normally on the top-level MatrixStore folder.

    2. User drags an asset to a watched folder inside this folder.

    3. Our software finds the asset, moves it to a temporary folder (a sibling of the watched folder with a unique time-based name) and processes it. Processing includes archiving the media files and deleting them from ISIS.

    4. After processing, our software moves the asset to its final destination and deletes the temporary folder.

    5. User adds the reservation back to the top-level folder.

    However, the customer can no longer find certain assets after they're been processed. Out of 2000 assets processed in this way, 400 are no longer in the Interplay database. Luckily we archive the AAFs as well as the media so can restore them, but I'd very much like to know what is happening.

    What I suspect is something like the problem that I know got fixed in version 2.6 of the WS, where an asset was still reported at its original location after moving. Is it in any way possible that on deleting the temporary folder the asset, even though it should have been moved away so the folder is empty, can be deleted too?

    I'm really stuck for any other kind of explanation at the moment - neither the activity*.log nor the iws*.log shows any kind of error. Here's an example of the move+delete completing successfully:

    2016-06-29 12:45:35.391 http-800-Processor24 Administrator   -- INPUT: MoveType[interplayAssetURI=interplay://AvidWorkgroup/MatrixStore/ARCHIVING 2016-06-29,interplayFolderURI=interplay://AvidWorkgroup/MatrixStore/Archived-TV3,overrideReservations=true]
    2016-06-29 12:45:35.454 http-800-Processor24 Administrator   -- OUTPUT: MoveResponseType[numErrors=0]
    2016-06-29 12:45:35.487 http-800-Processor24 Administrator   -- INPUT: DeleteAssetsType[interplayURIs=[interplay://AvidWorkgroup/MatrixStore/ARCHIVING 2016-06-29],deleteMetadata=<null>,deleteMedia=false,resolutions={},simulation=<null>]
    2016-06-29 12:45:35.607 http-800-Processor24 Administrator   -- OUTPUT: DeleteAssetsResponseType[numErrors=0,deletedAssets=[interplay://AvidWorkgroup/MatrixStore/ARCHIVING 2016-06-29],mediaDetails={}]

    One thing that I've noticed is that the WS host has run low on disk space a couple of times, which might be related. I hasten to add that this workflow is working perfectly well at similar customer sites, though usually without the removing and re-adding of reservations, and the Interplay delete logs don't show any assets being manually deleted accidentally.

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    Re: Assets vanish after moving

    Hi omsupport,

    Thanks for the detailed description of the worklfow. While I see no issues with it I'd suspect that IPWS is not involved with assets "vanish" after move.

    What could be happening is manual deletion of the assets after the fact of archive. Please review PAM engine delete logs for the assets in question. Note that logs might have rolled over already.

    The deletion of the asset could happen due to reservation expiration or while reservation was removed temporarily. Also reservation does not protect from moving an asset out of reserved folder and deleting it in a non reserved location.




  • Mon, Nov 28 2016 4:33 PM In reply to

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    Re: Assets vanish after moving

    Seems that it was the customer accidentally deleting assets all along! I managed to find some of the assets that he claimed had disappeared listed in AvMetaDataDelete.log.

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