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  • Wed, Apr 5 2017 1:34 AM In reply to

    • drbgaijin
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    Re: We need XAVC-S AMA since a year. Why is there no XAVC-S?


    In all honesty, I think it's more of a Sony issue than an Avid one. Sony wants to differentiate its cameras along consumer and professional lines. . . .. . . .

    Avid is a professional editing app, so Sony has been balking writing an AMA plugin for their consumer cameras for it. . . . . .

    That's my take on it, FWIW.

    Here is my take:

    The problem lies with Avid for creating the concept, in AMA, that camera manufacturers should do the work of providing Avid with plugins for the new codecs.
    Other "professional" NLEs (there are more than you imagine) have never had any trouble with Sony codecs.
    BUT the other NLEs write their own coding into their NLE, They take on the responsibility of providing their users with as many codecs, new and old, that they can.

    I know that at least two other professional NLEs had all the flavours of the XAVC codecs in point-updates prior to Sony releasing the cameras.



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    • Rouch
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    Re: We need XAVC-S AMA since a year. Why is there no XAVC-S?

    Avid repeatedly promised an AMA plug-in for this codec, then kept putting off the date when it would happen from one quarter to the next.  Now their web page does list a plug-in, the one made by Drastic Technologies that costs $99.  I tried several times to get the trial version of this plug-in to work but I could never get it to produce a smooth playback, as EditReady does just be rewrapping the file as a QT.  This wasn't a fun problem.  Solving it wasted a lot of time!

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    Re: We need XAVC-S AMA since a year. Why is there no XAVC-S?

    Rouch et al....

    The engineering team is working on the required work needed because of the deprecation of QuickTime and the Sony XAVC-S work is part of this effort and we are expecting to have something this quarter. We will likely have a demo at NAB. marianna
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    • tdvenice
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    Re: We need XAVC-S AMA since a year. Why is there no XAVC-S?

    This thread is almost two years old.

    I encountered this plug via a search engine.     Dimo Video Convertor Ultimate for Mac.  It appears to be free  Does it work? Is it legit?

    Sony is dragging their feet because they don't want this camera used "professionally" and thereby compete with their more expensive and better cameras.

    But, in news, documentary, at breaking events, and via citizen journalism, these cameras are now widespread. 

    Not having an AMA puts Avid users at a competitive disadvantage in on-line publication, television and filmmaking. In short - we look like chumps when it comes to the A7

    In front line stories the Sony A7 is too common to ignore. Not having the plug in means Avid users are slow/late to the air/net with timely stories.  We can go through a finger pointing excercise but, in the end, this kind of mistake weakens Avid.

    What up? NAB has come and gone. Where is the plug in?




  • Sun, Jun 25 2017 11:42 PM In reply to

    Re: We need XAVC-S AMA since a year. Why is there no XAVC-S?

    That one sounds REALLY sketchy.  Their site triggers security warnings, and it just sounds so much like many of the other ones in Speaking with Spammers - old, but relevant.  In short, these spammers create multiple potentially malware-loaded apps under different names, and spam like crazy to get high up on Google when people search for video converters.  Sometimes, they come and spam these forums too.

    If you need to convert, and you're on a Mac, EditReady is the best I've found so far.  Developer is responsive, understands professional video needs, and the software has a great "rewrap" function that wraps the media without transcoding.  All of this, while maintaining original timecode.

    Davinci Resolve might also work for ingesting the media so you can use it in MC, I don't know - haven't tried it.

    Or, stand by and see if anything comes from Avid this quarter.

    Or, buy the Drastic XAVC-S specific plugin for $99 - you can find it if you dig a bit HERE.  Trial available.

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