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  • Tue, Nov 3 2015 9:59 PM

    MOS Gateway interfacing with MCR automation system

    Hi team

    A customer's tender ask for a specific MOS integration with MCR automation SGT has been chosen as the MCR automation system and has only one MOS channel available In this project, we would have to provide to MCR automation system, rundown’s story with both:
    • Primary Video event as MOS object
    • Secondary Graphics event as MOS object (one vendor provider VIZRT or ORAD - other tender in progress)
    From my understanding, iNews need one MOS ID (MOS channel) for video MOS object and another one for graphics MOS object (it will be the same vendor ORAD or VIZRT). Am I right? If yes, does it mean, we need the two channel of the iNews MOS Gateway available to make this happen, or can we guess a setup where iNews publish the rundown to the MCR automation system using only one MOS channel? if yes does it mean we have to specify the same MOS ID for both videdo and graphic MOS object? if yes, what coulhas to be done by SGT to interface correctly in MOS with iNews? To be more consistent, the idea is to understand what are the requirement to make it work. Many thanks for your help Vincent
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    Re: MOS Gateway interfacing with MCR automation system

    Hi Vincent

    let me try to clarify current behavior and your needs 

    Inews itself does not need channels for items.

    Inews may show assigned by MOS device chanels in inews client application

    According to MOS Protocol, every MOS item contents channel tag inside mos abstract body, so this tag may be filled by MOS server with any value and sent to inews system as item's attachment

    For example, the item "asdasddad" is assigned to channel C below:

    INEWS5-A# doc -g "mos"

    <nsml version="3.1">


    <meta rate="160" wordlength="8" version="3"/>





    <string id="page-number"></string>

    <string id="video-id"></string>

    <string id="title">mos</string>

    <string id="var-3"></string>

    <duration id="runs-time">30</duration>

    <duration id="audio-time">0</duration>

    <duration id="vid-duration"></duration>

    <duration id="total-time">30</duration>

    <string id="back-time"></string>

    <string id="event-status">ONLINE</string>

    <string id="mos-active">NNYBM 30</string>

    <duration id="mos-duration">30</duration>

    <string id="mos-title">asdasddad</string>

    <string id="item-channel">C</string>

    <date id="air-date"></date>

    <string id="mos-device">kiev-aur</string>





    <attachment id="MOS-Active">

    <![CDATA[<AttachmentContent><mos><mosID>aurora.kiev-gvg.kiev.avid.mos</mosID><mo               sItemBrowserProgID>GVG.XMOSCtrl.1</mosItemBrowserProgID><mosAbstract>asdasddad</mosAbstract><objID>0000004J</objID><objSlug>asdasddad</objSlug><objTB>60</objTB><objDur>2400</objDur><objAir>READY</objAir><objPaths]]><![CDATA[><objProxyPath techDescription="BMP">C:\Aurora Playout\Thumbnails\asdasddad_0000004J.bmp</objProxyPath></objPaths><itemEdDur>1800</itemEdDur><mosExternalMetadata><mosScope>PLAYLIST</mosScope><mosSchema>Aurora</mosSchema><mosPayload><clipPath>/default/asdasddad_0000004J</clipPath><cl]]><![CDATA[ipType>OnAir</clipType></mosPayload></mosExternalMetadata><itemID>MOS-Active</itemID><itemChannel>C</itemChannel></mos></AttachmentContent>]]></attachment>



    This tag is sent to inews system by MOS DEVICE via avid mos gateway - this software just transfers data between mos device and inews server.

    So Inews client will display channel value C in "item-channel" field if user adds mos item asdasddad to story form area.

    Or this channel value will be displayed in COMPOSITE queue, or device event queue in case item is added to story form area.

    I may explain last sentence better if this is needed.


    So has above information clarify your question?






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