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  • Mon, May 4 2015 12:19 AM

    4K - Best low-cost monitors and MX02 equivalent?

    Gidday all,

    Like I imagine quite a few of you I am thoughtfully scratching my chin (and, more lovingly so, my bank manager's chins) over the necessary upgrades to get us to 4K for our any-moment-now switch to FS7 and the glories of 4K.

    Though at present our two suites work fine at HD using MX02s and cheap Samsung 32" HD tvs, and will continue to do so happily at that resolution with 4K material with the addition of newer-generation Quadra cards, I'm contemplating an upgrade to actual 4K client monitoring.

    So, three questions to my esteemed colleagues....

    1. 4K or UHD? I'm thinking UHD is where things will overwhelmingly go for anything outside of actual physical cinemas... what do you think?

    2. Is there yet a "domestic" UHD or 4K telly that is a good bet for edit monitoring? This time around I'd be very keen to find something with a reasonable Colour Management System to allow me to tune it decently with my i1 Display Pro. I had a play in the store yesterday with Samsung's 40" 5500 UHD. Picture seemed very decent and White Balance could be properly calibrated but sadly apparently no real CMS beyond this. Has anyone found a better option?

    3. I was quite happily amazed to see that some of the 4K output cards, especially the Black Magic ones, seem remarkably affordable. I'm not expecting to need inputs, and probably only HDMI output... has a front-runner emerged yet for this bog-simple monitoring-only 4K box/card application?


    Thanks everyone!

    Tony Sutorius

    Unreal Films
    Wellington, New Zealand 


    MC 8.3.1 Windows 7 intel i7 3930k nvidia quadro k4200 32gb ddr corsair ram (4x8gb DIMMs) 128gb Samsung 840 sata3 ssd (system) 4*2tb western digital... [view my complete system specs]
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  • Tue, Oct 13 2015 9:40 PM In reply to

    Re: 4K - Best low-cost monitors and MX02 equivalent?

    Hi all,

    Just reporting back...



    Only mid-range features-wise (who cares), great price (less than $US1K), but possessed of two great edit suite features... a decent range of viewing angle (and the colours seem to marely fade rather than change if you go past it, so a much superior failure mode), and a comprehensive CMS allowing very accurate colour calibration.

    Loving this thing so far... lovely to look at, no notable image quirks, reliable, quiet, power-efficient, looks perfectly professional up on the wall... excellent.



    Finding it difficult to get clear feedback on performance experiences with this card online we decided to just take the plunge, calling it a $US200 experiment. By all thats righteous it should've barked like a dog in a professional environment. But... so far I'm really delighted with the results.

    Its only HDMI 1.4, so limited to UHD up to 30fps, but that's fine by us as our house standard is UHD 25p. I can report that, for us anyway, it works tremendously, FAR better than its reviews would lead you to fear (which I think is because it supports a zillion software platforms, with varying success).

    Its also an input card, and additionally does analogue in and out... as I said, functionally identical to the HD Matrox MX02 its replacing here, and well under a third the price while delivering UHD. BMD support incorrectly advised us that it'd output analogue alongside HDMI UHD, helpful for some legacy systems here, which it does NOT in fact do (only if the video resolutions are the same)... but we're dealing with that using external convertors.


    Its not often a major performance upgrade takes you in a lower-cost direction like this, so we're very pleased so far. I expect we'll upgrade it within a year or so when the next generation of HDMI 2.0 cards are standard, but for now it completely solves our need in a drastically cost-effective manner.

    Tony Sutorius
    Unreal Films
    Wellington, New Zealand


    MC 8.3.1 Windows 7 intel i7 3930k nvidia quadro k4200 32gb ddr corsair ram (4x8gb DIMMs) 128gb Samsung 840 sata3 ssd (system) 4*2tb western digital... [view my complete system specs]
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