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  • Tue, Jan 6 2015 9:48 PM

    Frame View Failure of Subclips Taken from AMA-Transcoded Media (comparison screegrabs attached)

    The Frame View of subclips matching masterclips transcoded using AMA-linking is TOTALLY SCREWED.

    I first noticed the frame view problem 2-3 weeks ago when we were still on one of the MC 8.2 versions.  Our IT guy upgraded us to 8.3 over Christmas break and I'm still having the issue, but on a different project.  After testing, I discovered that this only happens with AMA-linked transcodes.  It's not an issue if the masterclip was made by importing the source the old-school way, nor is it an issue with transcodes made in Resolve.

    Below, I've attached 2 screengrabs stitched for your reference:
    • On the left, I show the subclip frames from a file that was imported that are correct.
    • On the right, I show the subclip frames from the exact same file sorted exactly the same way, only the file was AMA-transcoded versus imported... and they're horribly annihilated -- any frames that aren't clearly glitches aren't the actual play frame... only the first frame is correct, which is also the first frame of the source file.

    (ignore the black boxes... I masked logos in Photoshop for security)

    This glitch consistently shows on every one of our computers where we test the frame view of AMA-made transcoded subclips.  We're all using year-old iMacs, some on OS 10.8.5, some on OS 10.9.5... all on either Media Composer 8.2 or 8.3... all experiencing this glitch.

    The source clips are multiple formats from multiple jobs mostly from reputable cameras, so the source files are not the issue.  I'd like to rule out that this may have something to do with how we set up our iMacs before I take the time to gut mine and start from scratch.

    Is this happening to anyone else?

    This is fairly catastrophic to my workflow for the kind of project I'm on given the amount of footage, which is 9 terrabytes.  Seething...

    (see stitched-screengrab below)

  • Wed, Jan 7 2015 12:10 AM In reply to

    Re: Frame View Failure of Subclips Taken from AMA-Transcoded Media (comparison screegrabs attached)

    Just got word Avid is writing this up as a bug report.

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