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  • Thu, Aug 14 2014 3:49 PM

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    Forced into Premiere

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to post but I figure someone here must have experiecned my pain. I've picked up a show that was started in Premiere CC and after trying to switch it over to Avid it's looking like we are stuck with premiere. Does anyone have good advice or links on how to transfer what I know and love about Avid? It's the little things that no blog I've found covers. The audio transition tool, the speed remaping and most of all the toggle source/record fucntion.



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    • Butcher
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    Re: Forced into Premiere

    Premiere isn't bad, but it's certainly not as elegant of an editing interface as Avid, especially if you're primarily a keyboard editor.  The below might help your transition:

    Audio transition: You can map "Apply Audio Transition" to your keyboard.  I have video transition mapped to \ and audio transition mapped to Shift+\ (so it kind of mimics the Avid quick transition tool, but less elegantly).

    Speed remapping: Map "Speed/Duration" to your keyboard, or right click your clip to open the speed dialogue boxes.  If you want to do speedramps - good luck.  I can't figure out Premiere's speed ramping tools.

    Toggle Source/Record:  Map "Toggle Source/Program Monitor Focus" to your keyboard, or just toggle "Source Monitor" to one key command and "Program Monitor" to the other.

    Regarding everything else you know from Avid - most of it translates pretty well.  I mapped the Premiere Pro keyboard to match my Avid keyboard as much as possible.  With Premiere Pro CC you can finally map the same command to more than one key (so you can have E and I as Mark In), so that's nice.

    The track patching in Premiere is awful - there's no auto patch, and half the time it ignores the program side selections and does what it wants. It seems very inconsistent in operation. Get ready for a lot of mouse clicking and dragging.

    There's no Quick Transition, so save your favorite transitions and use the Favorites folder.

    In Avid, the program monitor and timeline both respond to the same key commands, whereas in Premiere they don't for some commands, but do for others.  It's very inconsistent.  For example, in Avid you can hit Add Edit on your keyboard while the program monitor is active will add edits to your timeline.  In Premiere, if the program monitor is the focus and you hit Add Edit - nothing happens.  You have to change the focus to the timeline, then hit Add Edit.  The UI is very inconsistent in regards to this and it's incredibly frustrating and slows down the edit.

    Relinking - good luck.  I still haven't figured out an elegant offline/online workflow with Premiere.  Hopefully you're working at full resolution or with the native camera files.  If you figure out a good offline/online workflow or find a site that outlines one, please post it here.

    Shame you're not getting to cut on the NLE of your choice, but make the best of it.  There are some great things about Premiere, but the actual editing interface is no Avid (IMO).

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    Re: Forced into Premiere

    Thanks. That was helpful. Or as helpful as the limitations of premiere are. I actually missed the end of my favourite function which is Toggle Source/Record in Timeline. 


    It's one of the best features ever.


    We are making a serious run at getting the project into avid. I'm having trouble relinking the media in avid but successfully ama'd in the media once I picked up the original drives this afternoon. Note. The EX/XD cam footage runs better in avid than it does in Premiere. 


    Do you have any advice on how to relink it. I'm going to put up a fresh post. I've got a licence for Symphony 6 which I'd never bothered to upgrade until yesterday. I'd heard 7/8 delt with AMA much better so I've got the trial of 8 running now. All of the tutorials I've found aren't running in 8, so the relink window is different. the main thing that is missing is the "Allow relinking of imported/AMA clips by source file name. 

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    Re: Forced into Premiere

    First thing is customize your keyboard to mimic your Avid keyboard. It's pretty easy. Here's a link to some basics to help you make the transition:



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