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  • Fri, Sep 27 2013 8:52 PM

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    Pro Tools 8 LE low levels

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first time posting, so I apologize if my question is placed in the wrong area. I recently installed Pro Tools 10 on my Mac and have been using it every day without issue for the past two months. A friend of mine recently bought Pro Tools 8 LE for her PC and asked me to install it. Being the cocky guy I am, I said, "Sure! Piece of cake!"

    Well, it's been anything but a piece of cake.

    The installation went fine. I initially thought she'd have issues trying to install an older Pro Tools onto her Windows 8 system, but it installed fine and loads fine. No crashes or anything.

    The MBox mini she bought shows proper levels in channel 1 and channel 2 separately. I've adjusted the gain to make sure neither the mic in channel 1 nor the guitar in channel 2 is clipping. I can hear the instruments fine through headphones plugged into the MBox Mini. But, when I record-enable track 1 in Pro Tools with Analog Input 1, it shows no levels. When I change it to Analog Input 2, it shows a very low level (1/3 up the green meter).

    The strange thing is that both the mic and the guitar are registering on the same track, despite the fact that I have Analog Input 2 selected.

    If this helps, when I import audio into Pro Tools and play the tracks, the audio is completely distorted in the headphones plugged into the MBox. I feel so stupid not being able to help my friend out with this. Oh, and I thought maybe there was some issue with Windows 8, so I installed the same setup on her Windows Vista computer and it does the exact same thing. Also, I upgraded Pro Tools 8 to 8.0.5 and the Mbox driver is 1.1.7.

    Ideas? Thanks.

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    Re: Pro Tools 8 LE low levels

    Hey Cyber

    This is the pro video community forums....  the pro audio forums are here:

    Post this in the legacy forums or the Get Started forum there.

    Also there is a lot of info on the Knowledge base too.


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    Re: Pro Tools 8 LE low levels

    This is the Pro Video Forum.  You should repost in the Pro Audio Forum.

    (what Marianna said)

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