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    Workflow for syncing audio and seperate music

    Hi there,

    I'm currently an assistant Editor on a job editing several music videos. We are shooting with 2 cameras and some times the music track stops for dialogue between actors.

    We're using TC based on time of day, jagging the 2 cameras to the Time controller on the sound. 90% of the time they are perfectly in sync. My general workflow has been to use autosync by timecode to subclip all the A-cam clips to the audio clips, then repeating the process for the B-cam clips and audio. Then I go through each subclip checking the sync against the clap from the board.

    Assuming all these work, I then group the relevent clips together by timecode so my editor has an A-cam clip, B-Cam clip, and a Grouped clip.

    However, now (not unreasonably) he would like me to match up an extra audio track. We have been given the guide recordings as WAVs. The same one they've broken up to use as guide tracks on set. I've imported them and given them there own timecode. His intention is for me to match up the new, imported guide tracks with the guidetracks in each take. It effectively gives you 2 identical audio tracks. For the sake of argument let's say A1&2 is the stereo guide track used on set with the time of day TC, and audio A3&4 is the same music, but from the imported wave and a different timecode.

    His intention is that if I've matched the waves properly, when he wants to cut from one angle to another (and therefor from one slate to another) he can use the TC from the imported wav (TC on A3&A4) as reference to make sure the cut matches perfectly.

    My first question is, When I group, and select "by timecode" how do I get it to group the 2 clips by the TC from A3&A4 rather than the video timecode or indeed the A1&A2 timecodes (all of which are the same)? The reaso I ask is that occasionally the on-set time-of-day timecode will go out of sync. For these clips, I obviously have to re-autosync both the Acam clip and the B cam clip by eye using inpoints with the clapper board, and then group the two sublips by eye, again using inpoints because, as already extablished, the timecodes wouldn't match. However if I could group the Acam and Bcam clips by the TC associated with A3&A4 tracks what i could do is, for those problem clips, re-autosync them by inpoints, as before, then match up the autosynced audio with the A3&A4 audio for the acam clip, then the Bcam clip, then Group the 2 clips using the TC from A3&A4, knowing that this will keep them in sync. This would be especially handy as a lot of the Acam clips and B cam clips do not have a common board so when grouping using inpoints it can be a bugger trying to find a common mark to use as my reference inpoint.

    i hope all that made sense!

    My second question is much simpler... is there an easier way to achieve the same same result. Is my workflow needlessly clunky and there's a better way to do it? I'm fully aware it could be the case ican't see the wood for the trees.

    Hope this makes a bit of sense. Anyone with any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. Up against it for time on this project so any way I can save some is amazing!


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