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  • Sat, Apr 7 2012 8:12 AM

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    MC 6 RED 4K AMA Mounting Confused



    Dear members,


    I've been coming for help to these fora for manymany years now, and it has always been a great help! Thank you all very much for this :)


    But now I've stumbled across something that I don't understand well and cannot find the (i think) correct answer to :(

    At the moment I am editing RED raw 2, 3 and 4K footage for a short film. This is how Im doing it, please tell me how my files are behaving and what I could be doing wrong. (Or misunderstood)


    Example for 4K:

    As we know MC doesnt support higher res than FullHD, so what happens to my 4K footage when I just link it through AMA?

    What I do:

    I link it, I edit and adjust it (source settings and such). Of course I can only edit on the yellow or half TV, lowest playback quality, but thats ok. (I dont want to offline to 36 Dnx and then relink)

    (In Media Creation, R3D Debayer is on Full)

    Then I want to export it.

    The settings I choose are:

    Quick Time movie - in popupscreen: Custom size, type 4096x2304.

    Then click Format options, then click settings (for Custom QT:)

    Compression - NONE (pulldown list)

    Quality - Highest 

    Colors - Milions+

    Bitrate - Current

    Basically everything just maxed out.

    Go one step back, where you can adjust also the audio and size and optimize for internet

    I adjust the Size here also to 4096x2304 and tick 'Keep aspect'

    Untick optimze for internet.

    Save everything.

    Then export.


    This results in an export time of 20:1, and a filesize of about 1GB per second. (Which Im not surprised about at all)

    But what did I just do, and what is happening to my files???

    Can I say I just exported a full Res 4K, basically loss-less?

    Or am I just fooling myself here? (because I find everywhere that MC doesnt 'do' higher than FullHD) And is it just downscaling when I AMAlink, and now Upscaling at export? (with all the losses which belong to this process)

    (And there is nowhere where I can adjust the 4:4:4 and 14 bit or something like that, not quite sure what the raw settings were)

    Because my file spans on full screen playback size across 4 screens (which is correct, 4K is 4x Full HD) And it looks amazing.

    But I cannot shake the feeling that Avid is pulling my leg.. Hmm

    And is it still correct that MC6 cannot mount bigger REDfiles than 2GB?? (havent tried yet, more footage will arrive tomorrow)


    As you can read, I am pretty confused, so I hope someone can give me a clear answer! Smile

    Thank you very much!










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    Re: MC 6 RED 4K AMA Mounting Confused

    Michael F:

    Or am I just fooling myself here? (because I find everywhere that MC doesnt 'do' higher than FullHD) And is it just downscaling when I AMAlink, and now Upscaling at export? 

    Yes. The MC pipeline is 1920x1080. So you're downscaling and upscaling.

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    Re: MC 6 RED 4K AMA Mounting Confused

    Also tests I did showed that for a 1920X1080 output (the max MC can work at) Full debeyer is a waste of processing effort for no visible gain. Half good is more than enough for most work.

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