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How To Constrain File Sizes with Sorenson Squeeze

Have you ever needed to limit your output file size to a specified amount? Using our constrain file size preset option can help. Produced by Coby Rich, Product Marketing Manager, Sorenson Squeeze.

The constrain file size option can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the compression settings once you've applied a compression setting to your file.

The key to using this feature to the best of its abilities is to use it as a basic guide. When you type in the file size limit you need you'll notice the audio and video data rate updates, so check the box for "Constrain File Size", type in the desired value and then uncheck the "Constrain File Size" box. You know have a base data rate that should put you close to your mark. This now gives you the added ability to tweak the data rates as you desire, with the knowledge of what your overall data rate should stay at.

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If you'd like to learn more, Sorenson Media offers a free weekly training Webinar on Squeeze and general compression techniques.

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