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Louis Hernandez, Jr., Talks with SonicScoop About Avid’s Next Phase of Growth

Only published comments... Feb 19 2013, 05:00 AM by Timory Burleson
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"What interested me about Avid is that technology should bring humans closer together, and bring more joy. In this case, someone has the idea of creating content for the enjoyment of another person, and Avid’s role lies somewhere in between there in trying to facilitate that."


- Louis Hernandez, Jr., speaking to SonicScoop.


We are excited to welcome technology executive and member of the Avid Board of Directors Louis Hernandez, Jr. to his new role as Avid President and CEO.


Audio journalist David Weiss of SonicScoop caught up with Louis late last week and asked him a few questions about his role as the “the new de facto President of Pro Audio.” David also noted how Louis’s leadership signals a new phase for Avid’s growth and the future of Pro Tools.


“His installment by the Avid board stands as a welcome chance to begin a new era for the diversified media company,” David said. “… Hernandez’ appointment just may provide Pro Tools customers everywhere with reason to hope.”


In the article, Louis stated, “We’re already a strong leader in audio, we need to continue to be that way, but we need to roll up our sleeves, work with our community, and allow them to do what they want to do, which is create fantastic audio for the enjoyment of other humans.” “We’re proud of our heritage and of the investment we’ve made. We have a lot more to do. But more importantly, this should mark a new phase for Avid, one focused on growth and building a strong community,” Louis said. Read the complete article.


In case you missed it, the official announcement welcoming Louis to Avid is available in our Press Center. We will keep you posted on the latest news from Avid and the industry on Avid Buzz and @Avid on Twitter.



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