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Mix Magazine reviews Avid’s Fast Track C600 Audio Interface

“The company has taken its time and gotten it right.”


Brandon Hickey at Mix Magazine checked out Avid’s new Fast Track C600 and gave it a detailed and glowing review. He was impressed with the makeover and took his time savoring the new look – and was pleasantly surprised by the complex workflows the new interface and monitor controller could handle with ease.


The revamped design of the unit was the first thing to catch Brandon's eye, as he pointed out the its large volume control, generous space between knobs and buttons, innovative monitoring controls, and large 8-segment LED input meters. With its new desktop-style orientation and it's simple, uncluttered layout, he found the new design to incorporate an incredible amount of functionality in a small, compact, refined format.


Brandon was also quick to point out the improved software mixer ("where the C600 really raises the bar,") quality mic-pre's ("impressive amount of detail and clarity for a product in the this class,") and a monitor management system capable of delivering three separate monitor mixes or providing full 5.1 control ("most exciting, in my opinion.") He gave Avid their dues on the new product, suggesting their focus on customer feedback was the catalyst in creating a fantastic solution.


Overall, Brandon had some pretty great things to say about Avid’s latest audio interface:


“The Fast Track series’ overall cosmetic design has gotten a complete overhaul…ergonomically this is a refreshing alternative.”


“…with all the flexible routing options, a greater variety of professional workflows can be managed in a very comfortable way.”


“Great design, good amount of I/O, pleasing sonic quality and a useful new monitoring section.”


“Playing the features-per-price game is always a balance of tradeoffs, and it seems like M-Audio is at it again, finding the perfect recipe of bang for the buck.”


So after all the anticipation surrounding the possibility of a new fleet of M Audio USB interface, did Avid stand up to the hype?  As far as Brandon is concerned, “…the company has taken its time and gotten it right.”


A shout out to Brandon for taking the time to review the product and for all the kind words. Check out the full review here and keep up on the latest professional audio and music production news on Mix Online.


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