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Amazing HD Native Reviews Keep Rolling In

There were two incredible HD Native reviews that popped up over the summer that are totally worth circling back and checking out if you missed them the first time around. Russ Long at Pro Audio Review and John Baccigaluppi at Tape Op both checked out a Pro Tools HD|Native system with an HD OMNI interface and they agreed - HD Native is a rock-solid solution who's time has come.

In the July edition of Pro Audio Review, Russ Long put the system through it's paces in his Nashville area studio and found it to be an absolute performer. "As someone who has been a fervent Pro Tools HD user for over a decade, when I worked with HD Native — regardless whether I was tracking or mixing or working on a PC or Mac — I continually forgot that I was using a host-based system. This has never happened to me before, and I must say, I'm impressed."


Tape Op publisher John Baccigaluppi simply took the HD system out of a room at his Sacramento studio, The Hanger, plugged the HD Native card in, and continued right along with his packed work schedule. By placing it in such a critical setting, John drove it hard and came away solidly impressed. "Over the span of a few months, all of our regular clients mentioned that the HD Native system is much faster than our old TDM system," wrote Baccigaluppi. "Also, not a single client ever mentioned that latency was an issue for tracking, overdubbing, or mixing on the new HD Native rig, with the typical headphone monitor mix being created in the internal Pro Tools mixer… For me, HD Native is a big step up from our older HD TDM system and was a much more affordable purchase. I think for a lot of music recordists and working studios, Pro Tools|HD Native will more than meet their needs and expectations — for years to come."


Many thanks to Russ and John for giving HD Native such a critical look, and be sure to read the full reviews on the Pro Sound Network and



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