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Behind the Scenes: Unified Licensing and Activating Sibelius 7.1

Only published comments... Jan 16 2012, 12:00 AM by Richard Gianattasio
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Less than a month ago we talked about Avid Media Composer 6.0 and the our Unified Licensing scheme. As promised, we are revisiting this discussion with our newest release of Sibelius 7.1, which is offered as a free upgrade from Sibelius 7 and includes the move to the Avid Unified Licensing platform.


As a refresher from our last blog, the move to a common licensing platform will provide the following benefits:


1. Offers our customers a simplified activation experience across all of our Avid products


2. Provides our Customer Success support personnel with an improved set of tools to help assist our customers with software activation related issues


3. Offers our customers new use case opportunities with regards to how they activate our software


Being the second product in the Avid portfolio to utilize our new licensing technology, Sibelius 7.1 leverages much of the same functionality as Media Composer. If you are one of those devoted Avid customers that uses both Sibelius and Media Composer, you will instantly notice the common activation experience utilized in both products.



Sibelius License Types


The Sibelius 7.1 product utilizes the Node Lock license type, which ties the activation to a specific device (Sibelius allows you to activate on 2 separate devices). In addition, Sibelius introduces two license types that we have not yet seen on the Unified Licensing platform, Site License and Network License.


The Sibelius Site License allows our customers the opportunity to use a single Activation ID to activate multiple devices. This is important for customers who have large numbers of Sibelius machines running and don’t want to have to manage large numbers of Activation IDs.  With this license type, you only have to remember one number.


The Sibelius Network License allows our customers to attach multiple Sibelius licenses to their existing Sibelius license server, which offers a multitude of license management functions and is ideal for classrooms.



Activating Sibelius


Along with the move to the Unified Licensing scheme, Sibelius 7.1 now uses a common 11 digit System ID and a common 16 digit Activation ID for the initial software activation.  The Sibelius Activation IDs are coded, with the first two digits representing the product (e.g. SB = Sibelius).  Here is a snapshot of the Avid License Control activation UI using the new Sibelius Activation and System IDs.


You will also note that we’ve added a new convenience button called “Paste from Clipboard”. For those customers who have obtained their activation information electronically, you can simply cut and paste these annoyingly long numbers directly into the UI from the clipboard.  They don’t even have to be in the right order, Avid License Control will look for the proper formats and auto-populate the correct fields for you.




Sibelius Network License


Activation of the Sibelius Network License is similar to the Node Lock example above, but in this use case multiple licenses are activated on the Sibelius License Server, which then distributes these licenses to the Sibelius client machines.  Avid License Control keeps track of the network licenses, even if you add additional license seats later. The example below shows an initial activation of 10 seats, followed by an additional activation of 4 seats. Note the Activation ID starts with “SW” for the Sibelius Network License.




Here they are in the Sibelius License Server UI.




Indirect Activation


For those users who are not connected to the internet. Sibelius can also be activated using our Offline Activation web site. We’ve added a “Copy to Clipboard” feature in Avid License Control to help in capturing the necessary data for Offline Activation. Instead of writing down your System ID, Activation ID, and Device ID (a painful task). Simply copy this information to the clipboard, save it onto a USB thumb drive, and carry it over to the internet connected device you will be using for your Offline Activation.




We believe that you are going to really enjoy this new licensing experience. I recommend you get your Sibelius 7.1 update, check out the new activation process, and let us know what you think.


Happy Activations and we look forward to telling you more when our next Avid product releases.




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